Frederic B. Siskind
THE FILE 8,000.
OVERVIEW Specialty in wildlife, with emphasis on beauty and behavior in the natural world. Strong coverage of birds and insects (including large selection of dew-covered insects). Lifecycles of butterfly and moth species. Amphibians, mammals, reptiles, wildflowers and scenics. Extensive coverage of Huntley Meadows Park in Washington, D.C. suburbs. Washington, D.C. landmarks and monuments. St. Petersburg, Russia landmarks and palaces.
AFRICAN WILDLIFE Selection of 35 mammal and 31 bird species from Kenya game parks. Behavior includes elephants and zebras nursing, elephants and impalas drinking, cheetah scent marking, male and female lions dragging zebra carcass, giraffe and gerenuk testing females, topi sparring, European storks at grass fire.
DRAGONFLIES, DAMSELFLIES AND OTHER INSECTS 47 dragonfly and 16 damselfly species. Compelling images of dew-covered insects in early morning light. Closeups of green darner head, abdomen, wings, and vibrating its wings to warm up. Other behavioral images include: periodical cicada, dogday harvestfly (a cicada species), black-shouldered spinylegs and cobra clubtail dragonflies emerging from nymphal skin; katydid eating its exoskeleton; praying mantis - mating, with exoskeleton, with prey; robberfly - mating, with prey.
BUTTERFLIES/MOTHS/CATERPILLARS/LIFE CYCLES 51 butterfly species, 24 moth species; 32 identified and other unidentified caterpillars. Beautiful dew-covered shots of some butterflies/caterpillars. Lifecycles for: black swallowtail, monarch, cecropia moth, buckeye (partial), luna moth (partial), monarch, painted lady, promethia moth (partial).
NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS 89 species. Range of images includes environmental, portrait, mood and behavior. Good selection of king rail, including adult, juvenile and young; American egret rookery, eggs and adult feeding young at nest, mating display; white ibis eggs and adult feeding young at nest; great blue heron eggs, young in nest (including wonderful "bad hair day" shots); yellow-crowned night heron catching, crushing and eating crawfish; laughing gull rookery, including eggs and newly hatched young; killdeer on nest; golden plover on nest; semipalmated plover on nest; roseate spoonbill eggs and young in nest.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Africa: Game parks in Kenya. North America: Churchill in Canada; In U.S., Blackwater, Bombay Hook, Bosque Del Apache, Chincoteague, Ding Darling and Forsyth NWRs; Bryce Canyon, Glacier, Grand Tetons, National Bison Range, Yellowstone NPs; Washington D.C. monuments and parks. Europe: St. Petersburg, Russia.
CREDITS Magazines/Newspapers: Audubon, Audubon Naturalist Society News, Birder's World, Bird Watcher's Digest, Defenders, Life, National Geographic Kids, Natural History, Nature's Best, Outdoor Photographer, Smokies Life, Virginia Wildlife, Washington Post, Wildbird. Books: American Birding Assn., B&B, Capstone, Carolrhoda, Impact Photo Graphics, Kidsbooks, National Geographic, Planet Crea, Western National Parks Association, WordSong. Calendars: Audubon, Shearson, Teldon. Other: Brochures (Huntley Meadows Park, National Solid Waste Management Assn., Time-Life Books); exhibits (Huntley Meadows Park, National Arboretum, National Park Service); poster (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service); travel catalogue (Geo Expeditions). Member: NANPA.
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Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly, female (BU698)
Canada geese and reflections (DGD16)