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AGPix advanced search tools enable productive, goal-oriented photo research. Use them to find the pictures that you want, and then download a preview image and contact the photographer directly to obtain images for reproduction. Over 100,000 images in the AGPix Image Catalog can be scanned using keywords. You can also delve into a subject-rich database of index terms to locate specialist photographers and ideas for stories.

From the AGPix Home Page you can search by:

  • Subject
  • Keyword
  • AG PIX ID Number
  • Photographer Name
  • Photographer Location
  • Or click on Search Options to search for images by format, explore our subject index, or see a list of AGPix photographers with online catalog images.

The AGPix home page presents a collection of photo essays assembled to spark ideas and provide a glimpse into the workings of the site. And to help you with your story needs, explore the New Coverage, Shooting Plans link.


Entering a keyword in the search field on the homepage gives an immediate overview of the coverage the site has available. This facility simultaneously searches both the Image Catalog and the Subject Index. It then brings you to image results, where you can screen images and also follow the AGPix index link to view the results of the index search. Search fields on the homepage allow you to scan the AGPix photographer database by name or location, and to enter AGPix ID numbers to find specific images.


  • Use standard keyword conventions for best results, e.g., North AND America* will find entries containing both words. For more pointers, go to Search Tips.

  • To narrow your results within photo and index searches, use the Search Within These Results field to add additional keywords.

PROFILES, which are provided by each photographer, provide full contact information, links to photographer websites, details on specialties, subjects photographed, additional skills, publication credits, and more. You can also link to all of the photographer's onsite images from his or her profile. Links to profile pages appear with images (click on the photographer's name or click on the thumbnail image to go to the large preview page). You can also bring profiles up directly by entering a photographer's name into the appropriate search field on the home page.


Scrutinizing the AGPix Subject Index is especially effective when you are searching for in-depth coverage or subjects not found in the AGPix Image Catalog. The online index has been created around terms originally selected by participating photographers and represents their overall coverage and subject specialties. These thousands of index terms correspond to millions of actual images.

Related index terms are automatically found as part of your image keyword search or you can use the index search from our search options page, which lets you search by keyword or alphabetically. In the initial index search results, clicking on blue subject returns will bring you to a list of photographers. To the right of that list is a yellow box that gives you additional options. To find out more about photographers who appear in an index search, click on their names.

Click Here for a list of terms that will help you with your search.


A Comp icon appears above most of our images. These allow registered photo buyers to download preview images from the site. These images are of the same size and resolution as the large preview images on the site and carry the image copyright, web address and AGPix ID number. For larger or higher resolution Comp images you must contact the photographer directly. When the Comp link is not there, the photographer would prefer to deal directly with the photo buyer.


Lightboxes allow you to save and review images found in your searches. They are password protected. To share these images with colleagues you may create your own AGPix viewing platform and provide users with a web address.


You can save AGPix photographers to your own private online address book. This feature can be accessed from large preview image pages, profiles and image search results. It lets you preview and manage your personal list of photographers, access profiles and contact information, and send individual or broadcast emails.

Reminder: If you do not find what you need or don't have time for an extensive search, list your request - at no charge - in the AGPix Daily Photo Wants. An updated Photo Wants list is emailed to a private list of subscribers every day. Call AGPix at 800 727-9593 if you need assistance walking through the search options.

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