Bill Bachman

Bill Bachman

THE FILE 100,000+ 35mm transparencies; 10,000+ medium-format and panoramic transparencies; 7,000+ hi-res digital scans; 40,000 hi-res digital files.
OVERVIEW Wide coverage of people, places and things throughout Australia, often from an editorial point of view.
NATURAL HISTORY Australian fauna, flora, landscapes and landforms, including abstracts, aerials, closeups; emphasis on outback regions; aboriginal culture and art.
GENERAL STOCK Australia: A wide range of social and geographic topics, including industry, agriculture, people, rural and urban lifestyles.
ENVIRONMENTAL Australian landforms, use/abuse, including agricultural practice, deforestation, salinization.
SPECIALTIES Though a certain amount of Bachman's work is corporate/commercial, he is primarily an editorial photographer. He has completed many large magazine and book projects, and is Australian Geographic's most published freelancer. He has photographed several travel guidebooks and produced many photoessays and photo/text packages, both on his own and in collaboration with other writers. "We have a good 'big-project' reputation, both for assignment and library work, often supplying most of the images for entire books," he says.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS In Australia, extensive coverage of all states, including most major cities. Many national parks and wilderness areas. Other international locations: Bali, Ireland, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Montana, Turkey, Croatia, France.
RECENT COVERAGE Major magazine features for Australian Geographic on Flinders Ranges, South Australia; King Island, Tasmania; Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Widespread coverage of Victoria and SE New South Wales for book on Australia to be published late 2010.
CREDITS Wide coverage of photo features, covers and photo/text packages. Magazines: Australian Geographic, Australian Way, BBC Wildlife, BP Magazine, Club Marine, Discovery, Earth, GEO, Horizon, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, Powder, NG Traveler/Adventure, many airline inflights worldwide. Books: Australian Geographic, National Geographic, Penguin, Reader's Digest, Rigby Heinemann, Weldon Owen, dozens of guidebook and textbook publishers worldwide. Author/Photographer: Animal Vegetable Mineral (boxed set of cards featuring abstract landscapes and nature closeups, 1996), Local Colour: Travels in the Other Australia (Local Colour, 1994/2000/2002; published in U.S. as Australian Colors, 1998, 2000), Off the Road Again (Lothian, 1989), Special Delivery: Aussie Mailboxes and Other Roadside Attractions (Lothian, 2000). Sole Photographer: Australia Handbook and Outback Australia Handbook (Moon, 1997), Dream Vintage (Mitchelton Wines, 1998), Introduction to Australia (Odyssey, 1999/2001), The Murray River (Australian Geographic, 2000). Calendars: Australian Conservation Foundation, The Wilderness Society, Canon. Awards: Australian Geographic 1995 Photographer of the Year. Agents: ANT, Wildlight (Australia), Photo Researchers (NY), Pacific Press Service (Tokyo), Alamy, Getty.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Experienced stills shooter for television and movies.
COMMENTS Bill and Sally Bachman (Sally is the library manager) reside in Melbourne and have traveled widely throughout Australia for the past 25 years. They have excellent knowledge of the country. Extensive analog and digital archives, including hi-res scans of more than 7,000 select transparencies.
Bill Bachman
55 Mayston St.
East Hawthorn Victoria 3123 Australia

011 613 9882-2461

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Sally Rodd, library manager

Bill & Sally Bachman with Gemma
Spotted dog in back of ute (pick-up)

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