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THE FILE A Lingering Eclipse Studio was founded by artist Margaret M. Savino. The 60,000+ image collection includes 35mm, medium format, b&w/color film as well as high-resolution digital files. The Studio works with both a traditional darkroom and state-of-the-art digital studio, including graphic illustration and fine art medium. This allows image design to be original, multimedia, conceptual and interesting.
OVERVIEW When shooting a portrait, I get to know the individual(s) beforehand, hopefully engaging them in the process and reassuring them that we are working together to create images that they will enjoy. The process will be to shoot, show them, shoot again until I capture what they have in mind for an authentic portrait. Whether photographing families in isolated rural mountains or industrial corporate settings, I aim for posterity and the enduring nature of the portrait. Splitting my time between living in both rural wilderness and urban settings, I photograph nature, gardens, wildlife and plants as well as urban architecture and daily life in bustling cities. Holding Advanced Master Gardener certification, I enjoy my own food and ornamental harvests. I attempt to capture the beautiful and (what some consider) the ugly in nature. I try to celebrate the originality of what I'm seeing as I walk in the paths of forests, lakes and streams. As a college teacher of sociology, philosophy and ethics, I often ponder life and try to convey conceptual subjects in my photography. I'm often told to specialize, but I love exploring all subjects with a camera.
PORTRAITS, HOLIDAY, PARTY, CELEBRATION, EVENT Multicultural posed and natural photographs of people leading their lives in joy, sorrow, isolation and community.
TRAVEL USA Mountains, plains, rural, urban, popular or ordinary places.
TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL & AERIAL South America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Central Europe, Eastern Europe -- rural and urban -- are frequent destinations. Planned future travel includes a long trip throughout Asia. When on a plane I frequently photograph cloud formations and land views as we pass over, take off or land.
ELEGANT FOOD AND DRINK , FRESH VEGETABLES, CULTIVATION OF FOOD, GARDEN, AGRICULTURE, FOREST, FLOWER The natural world is my garden, and I enjoy spending time in thought, contemplation and interaction with plants throughout the seasons -- winter, spring, summer, autumn.
ILLUSTRATION, PAINTING, GRAPHIC DESIGN As a lifelong artist, I have explored two- and three-dimensional subjects with paint, mixed media, fiber, arc-welded sculpture, wood and graphic design. I'm just starting to post some of my paintings as they are photographed and scanned to digital.
CONCEPTUAL, STORY, FINE ART, ADVERTISING As a college teacher in philosophy, sociology and ethics, I often teach with my own stories developed during my years in the classroom. My artwork reflects this need to create enduring images in people's minds to help them ponder life.
ANIMAL, FISH, INSECT, BUTTERFLY, ZOO, PETS, WILDLIFE Amazing creatures of the world cannot be imagined, only discovered with a studied or lucky shot. Most often its best to wait and they find you. That requires, more than anything, a comfort with silence and great patience.
SPECIALTIES The unusual nature of my collection is that I have published in most venues in most subjects. I resist specialization and haven't suffered for that choice.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS See my note above about the Travel collections.
RECENT COVERAGE I've lately taken to photographing food for a cookbook I'm almost finished writing. The next few months will find me posting more galleries on my website.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS My winter activities included an intensive move into motion photography and transitioning from documentary interviews into documentary film-making and commercials. I continue to attend a variety of professional workshops towards this end. I shoot high-definition motion.
CREDITS Since 2007 my images have been published in brochures, magazines, books, textbooks, newspapers and online websites for commercial, advertising, editorial, educational and travel use. Studio clients have included: AAA, Harcourt; McGraw-Hill; Scholastic Junior; Wiley; Pearson, UK; Ski magazine; Nursery Retailer. I am currently working on several photography books including "Portraits of the Andes" based upon four years living and working in Bolivia as well as a book combining photographs and creative writing. Recent honors include the 2009 Winter Issue of The Picture Professional, which selected my photograph, "Who's Looking at Whom?" for the featured "Humor Portfolio."
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Membership in Advertising Photographers of America (San Francisco Chapter), American Society of Picture Professionals and the Stock Artist Alliance. Inclusion in the Adobe Photographers Directory. Represented by several national & international agencies. Member of the Cornell University Entrepreneur Network.
COMMENTS I enjoy being an artist. I sell rights-managed images and maintain professional standards in publishing.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES I've exhibited in more than 45 juried and non-juried invitational shows in a variety of media, including photography, sculpture, oil and watercolor painting, fibers and mixed media.
Margaret M. Savino
A Lingering Eclipse™ Studio
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Margaret M. Savino

Fresh from the garden, fruits and vegetables are a work of art! (mms)
"Mi Maestro, Mi Papasito" (My Teacher, My Father) A father engages his young son in a discovery of learning about life in the high Andes Mountains of Bolivia.

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