Budd Titlow / Naturegraphs

Budd Titlow / Naturegraphs

THE FILE 50,000+ original digital files.
OVERVIEW NATUREGRAPHS offers broad coverage of the outdoor world, from native plants/animals (emphasizing birds) to national parks, wildlife refuges, pastoral settings, gardens, recreational pursuits, outdoor activities and landscape development. Budd Titlow combines 40 years as a professional wetlands scientist (emeritus) and wildlife biologist with an artistic eye and well-honed writing skills to produce colorful, fact-filled photoessays describing the challenges of outdoor activities and the wonders of the natural world. He specializes in using non-traditional techniques to capture abstract views of nature, enhancing the "fine art" flair of his showcase prints.
NATURAL HISTORY/GARDENS/OUTDOORS/DOMESTIC ANIMALS Antelope (pronghorn), albatrosses, alligators, armadillos, bald eagles, beaches, beaver ponds, bivalves, black-crowned night herons, bobcats, boobies (three species), bulldogs, butterflies (swallowtails), cats, clouds, collies, crabs (green, horseshoe, Sally Lightfoot), cranes (sandhill), crow, dog parks, dogwood, dragonflies, driftwood, ducks (wood, mallard), egret (snowy, common), fall, farms, barns, foliage, gardens(flower, formal), frogs (green), gastropods, geese (Canada, snow), grasses, grouse (sage), gulls (herring, black-backed, laughing), herons (great blue, green, night), horseshoe crabs, ice patterns, iguanas (land, marine), intertidal zone, kelp patterns, kittens, leaves, lichens, wild lupines, maple leaves, marmots (yellow-bellied), marshes, meadows, mollusks, moths (cecropia), mushrooms, orchid (ladyslipper), pastures, plover (piping), poppies (single, field), ptarmigan (white-tailed), redbud, reflections, rock patterns, roseate spoonbills, roses (wild, domestic), salamanders (eggs, yellow spotted), sand patterns, sandpipers (willets, peeps), sea lions, seashells (angel wings, conchs, moon shells, sundials, scallops, whelks, etc.), sea stacks, seedheads, shells (sea), shorebirds, snakes (water, garter), snow, songbirds, spiders, spider webs, spoonbills, starfish, stonewalls, storms, sunflowers (giant), sunrise, sunset, surf, swamps, tidepools, tulips, turtles (spotted, painted, red-eared sliders, spiny soft shell), vernal pools, wading birds, water (flowing-abstracts), waterfalls, webs, wetlands (all types), whales (humpbacks), whooping cranes, wildflower meadows, wildflowers, wild horses, willets, wrack line, wrens (marsh), zoo animals.
PARKS/REFUGES Acadia (ME), Arches (UT), Back Bay (VA), Badlands (SD), Bents Fort (NB), Big Sur (CA), Bryce Canyon (UT), Cape Cod (MA), Cape Hatteras (NC), Cape May (NJ), Capitol Reef (UT), Cumberland Island (GA), Death Valley (CA), Denali (AK), Devils Tower (WY), Ding Darling (FL), Ecola State Park (OR), Everglades (FL), Garden of the Gods (CO), Great Meadows (MA), Great Sand Dunes (CO), Great Smokies (NC-TN), Joshua Tree (CA), Mesa Verde (CO), Monomoy Island (MA), Mt. McKinley (AK), Mt. Rushmore (SD), Organ Pipe Cactus (AZ), Painted Desert/Petrified Forest (AZ), Pawnee Grasslands (CO), Plum Island/Parker River (MA), Point Reyes (CA), Reid State Park (ME), Rocky Mountains (CO), Roxborough State Park (CO), Scotts Bluff (NB), Shenandoah (VA), Swift River (MA), Umbagog (NH), White Mountains (NH), Wind Cave (SD), Yellowstone (WY), Yosemite (CA), Zion (UT).
TRAVEL (U.S./FOREIGN) Arles (France), Alhambra Palace (Granada, Spain), Arenal Volcano (Costa Rica), Asa Wright Sanctuary (Trinidad), Balsams Hotel (NH), Bermuda, Block Island (RI), Biddeford Pool (ME), Boston (MA), Broadmoor Hotel (CO), Cannon Beach (OR), Cape Ann (MA), Cape Elizabeth (ME), Carmel (CA), Chebeague Island (ME), Costa Rica, Disneyworld (FL), Eiffel Tower (Paris), Eze (France), Friendship Harbor (ME), Fruitlands Museum (MA), Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Galveston Island (TX), Giverny (France), Gloucester (MA), Gourdons (France), Grafton (VT), Inside Passage, Alaska, Lancaster (PA), London (England), London Eye, Louvre Museum (Paris), Lupine Festival (NH), Machu Picchu (Peru), Maine Coast, Marble (CO), Martha's Vineyard (MA), Monhegan Island (ME), Monterey (CA), Mougins (France), Mt. Washington Hotel (NH), Nantucket (MA), New Harbor (ME), New York City (flower stands, dog parks, Battery Park, Hudson River Walkway), Nice (France), Nova Scotia (Canada), Oregon Coast, Paris (France), Pemaquid Point (ME), Plimoth Plantation (MA), Salzburg (Austria), San Luis Valley (CO), Spain (Cordoba, Granda, Seville, Pyrenees, Alhambra Palace), St. Lawrence Seaway (NY), Strawberry Banke (NH), St. Tropez (France), Sugar Hill (NH), Tobago, Trinidad, Venice (Italy), Victoria (Canada), Wales (UK), White Mountains (NH), Windstar Research Farm (CO).
PEOPLE/ACTIVITIES/LANDMARKS Amusement parks, bagpiper, biking, birdwatching, boating, camping, canoeing, carousel (Paris), children (variety of activities), clamming, conchologists, diving (surface), farming (activities, animals), fishing, gardens/gardening (flowers, produce), flamenco dancing, Fourth of July, Halloween, hang gliding, hiking, holidays (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.), hot-air balloons, lighthouses, lobstering, Lupine Festival (NH), maple sugaring, nature trails, photographers, picnickers, Renaissance festivals, researchers/scientists (fleld work), sailing, shell collectors, sleigh rally, wetland delineation, wildlife surveys, windsurfing.
DEVELOPMENT/CONSTRUCTION/ENERGY Backhoes, barns, bird houses, bridges, bulldozers, cemeteries, churches, clear cutting, constructed wetlands, cranberry bogs, dams, excavators, fences, forestry, forts, gas pipelines, ghost towns, golf courses, highways, missions, oil rigs, outdoor shopping plazas, pedestrian malls, power plants, restored streams, restored wetlands, riprap, riprapped slopes, shopping malls/plazas, stonewalls, strip mines, tree spade.
SPECIALTIES Slow shutter speeds, selective focus and other non-traditional techniques are used to capture abstract views of the natural world--including patterns, shapes, textures, colors, animals in motion, wildlife action, flowers/leaves blowing in the wind, reflections, rippling water, cascading streams, crashing waves and much more. The results are well-suited to greeting cards, calendars, corporate brochures and all types of products with creative, colorful backgrounds. Extensive coverage includes beaches, birds, children, coasts, development, environmental impacts, fall foliage, flowers, foreign travel, gardens, landscapes, national parks, outdoor activities, seashells, seedheads, tidepools, trees, wetlands, whales, wildflowers and wildlife refuges.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Bermuda, Canada (Nova Scotia, Victoria, Vancouver Island), Costa Rica, Europe (London, Paris, Salzburg, Vienna, Venice, Wales, South of France, Spain), Galapagos Islands, Inside Passage, Alaska, Denali Park, Alaska, Peru (Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu), Spain (Cordoba, Madrid, Granada, Seville), Tobago, Trinidad (Asa Wright Nature Center), United States (lower 48 - especially Colorado, Maine and other New England states, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, many U.S. national parks and wildlife refuges).
RECENT COVERAGE Most Florida birds (herons, egrets, wood storks, ibises, spoonbills, terns, skimmers, other shorebirds, waders, & waterfowl, rare species, etc.), seashells (wide variety - bivalves & gastropods), Lower Manhattan Island, poppies for roadside beautification.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Adelphi Coast (Italy), Africa, Australia, Cephallonia (Greek Islands), Chan Chich (Belize), New Zealand, Fiji & Tahiti (South Pacific).
CREDITS Magazines: Audubon, BBC Wildlife, Canoe and Kayak, Country Living, Family Circle, Islands, National Wildlife, Nature's Best, New England Journeys (AAA), Parents, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, Petersen's PHOTOgraphic, Popular Photography, Travel Holiday, Travel + Leisure, Ranger Rick, Defenders of Wildlife. Books: Cambridge Press, Falcon, Grolier, Harcourt, Holt, KC Publications, Michelin Travel Guides, Smithsonian, Sunset Travel Guides, Time-Life, Westcliffe. Author/Photographer: Rocky Mountain National Park: Beyond Trail Ridge (Westcliffe), Seashells: Jewels from the Ocean (MBI Publishing-Voyageur Press), Bird Brains: Inside the Strange Minds of Our Fine Feathered Friends (The Lyons Press - Globe-Pequot Publishers), and Climate Change Heroes (In Press, Prometheus Books). Advertising/Corporate: Bausch and Lomb, Polo-Ralph Lauren. Calendars: Inner Reflections, Sierra Club, American Wildlife, Audubon, BBC/British Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Awards: BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2003 Award Winner--British Natural History Museum and Worldwide Touring Exhibits; Kodak International First Place Color (1991); National Wildlife International Merit Award Winner (1989); Nature's Best First Place People (1996); Artist-in-Residence at The Ford Plantation in Savannah, Georgia (2004).
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Currently Wild Bird blogger/columnist for the Tallahassee Democrat. Freelance writer and book author for 40 years with three published natural history books and more than 250 published articles. Formerly contributing editor to Colorado Homes and Lifestyles and Empire magazine (Sunday Denver Post supplement). Master's Degree in wildlife ecology (Virginia Tech, 1973). Professional wildlife biologist and professional wetland scientist (Emeritus, National Society of Wetland Scientists #754). Authored 500+ environmental compliance documents. Workshop/course instructor for 35 years including recent offerings for Florida State University, the Tallahassee Senior Center, the Audubon Society and the National Wildlife Federation; appeared as a featured speaker at the NANPA 2000 and 2004 Summits and 1999 and 2003 New England Council of Camera Clubs conferences. Featured workshop locations include Monhegan Island, Maine; Keystone, Colorado; Franconia Notch, New Hampshire; Petersham, Massachusetts; Ford Plantation, Savannah, Georgia (invited "Artist-in-Residence"); New England Council of Camera Clubs (1999 and 2003); elected to the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, North Carolina.
COMMENTS Professional writer for magazines and author of four books. Professional wetland scientist and wildlife biologist with a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology-Fisheries Science from Virginia Tech. Professional environmental consultant for regulatory permitting, natural resources management, ecological group leader, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance for 40 years. Available for assignments.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Owns and operates Titlow Ecological Services, LLC (www.titlow-eco.com), specializing in delineation and regulatory compliance permitting for wetlands, streams, wildlife, and rare-endangered species. Teaching ecology, environmental science, birding, and nature photography courses for Florida State University and the Tallahassee Senior Center. Presents photo tours and workshops throughout the country. Operates "Wildscaping," a professional consulting service for wildlife habitat enhancement plans for office parks, corporate headquarters and private residences. Presents multimedia programs on environmental compliance, regulatory permitting, and Low Impact Development (LID) Best Management Practices (BMP's) for enhanced stormwater runoff management.
Budd Titlow / Naturegraphs
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Giant salsify seedhead and setting sun along Rocky Mountain foothills in Golden, Colorado

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