Gary Moon
THE FILE 22,000 35mm, 3,000 6 x 4.5, 6 x 9.
OVERVIEW Wide-ranging collection characterized by strong graphics where the quality of the light and design is critical. Primary coverage includes large-scale construction projects, workers and machines; agriculture with emphasis on mechanized grain harvesting; wilderness landscapes; nature details; and broad coverage of northern California, including state parks, local landmarks and scenics.
CONSTRUCTION An extensive file of unique construction images with real tradespeople performing real work on real projects - no models or staged setups; all workers are model-released. Symbolic images rather than descriptive, with lighting and design used to enhance visual impact. Emphasis on workers in their environments, such as ironworkers hanging structural steel on highrise buildings or carpenters erecting large, wood-framed buildings. Also, related construction activities taking place in open, natural light. Graphic aspect of structural framing is used to create aesthetically intriguing designs. A file of major excavating projects shows the big machines in motion with dramatic close-ups and unusual lighting to illustrate their power. Many of these images have been published in the Engineering News-Record, a primary trade journal for construction engineers.
AGRICULTURE Growing file of photographs from the grain-growing region of the American Heartland, primarily Nebraska and Kansas. Included are dramatic images of harvesting machines in operation (a few from the viewpoint of the operator) and crops photographed with careful attention to lighting and design. Also, images of large grain-storage structures shot with striking perspectives and lighting.
WILDERNESS Exceptional natural areas in the American West. Much of the collection represents wilderness backcountry, accessible only on foot or by canoe, offering alternatives to more familiar viewpoints. Ephemeral elements - lighting, color, patterns, shadows, moods - are like wild animals in the image, vanishing moments after the image is shot. Many national parks and other public lands from American West, Pacific Coast and northern Minnesota's Lake Country.
GENERAL STOCK Diverse coverage including freight trains and railroad yards, trucks on highways, New England lobster fishing boats, picturesque harbors, autumn colors, historical sites from the Oregon Trail, and a quirky collection of tidbits from the American Heartland, including roads, signs, barns, abandoned vehicles and moody landscapes.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Central and northern California coast and inland. National parks and wilderness areas in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico. Coastal areas in New England. The agricultural file comes mainly from Nebraska, Kansas and eastern Colorado, with additional images from Wisconsin and Iowa.
CREDITS Magazines: American Park Network, Backpacker, Engineering News-Record (ENR), Fine Homebuilding, Motorland (AAA), Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, Sierra. Books: Cachuma Press, California Tourism Publications, Falcon, McGraw-Hill, National Geographic, National Park Service, Sierra Press, Sequoia Communications. Advertising/Corporate: American River Bank, Argonaut Insurance, CalFed Bank, California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS), California Department of Parks and Recreation, IBM, Keiwit Pacific Construction Company, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, Northern California Power Agency, Pacific Bell, Pepperidge Farm, Sierra Community College, U.S. Postal Service. Agents:: AGE Fotostock (Spain), Getty Images, Construction Photography (London), Dinodia (India).
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Hikers silhouetted at Vernal Fall, Yosemite National Park