Richard P. Smith
THE FILE 200,000+ 35mm. 20,000 digital images and growing.
OVERVIEW North American wildlife, some African wildlife, outdoor recreation, scenics and locations. Extensive coverage of whitetail deer and black bear. One of the largest collections of images of albino whitetails; fawns, does and bucks. Rare sequence of images of a grizzly bear attack on a Montana game warden. Fifty years as a full-time outdoor writer and photographer.
FAUNA Moose, including reintroduction to upper Michigan from Ontario, with moose being carried under helicopter, put in large transport boxes, being released in the wild and a sequence of a moose being netted from chopper. Wild elk in the West and Michigan; also, commercially raised elk. Mule deer. Pronghorn antelope. Caribou, especially Alaskan bulls in velvet. Musk ox. Brown bears at Alaska's Katmai NP. Panda bear. Gray wolves feeding on deer and snowshoe hare, winter research on Isle Royale NP, more. Coyotes, including trio howling. Bobcats, including animal snarling from hollow log and young animal with a snowshoe hare. Mountain lion. Red foxes, including pups at den. Pine marten with snowshoe hare, reintroduction in Michigan. Fisher, reintroduction to Michigan. Badger. Snowshoe hare, including a sequence of a hare eating a long-stemmed plant. Jackrabbits and cottontail rabbits. Gray fox. Red and tassle-eared squirrels, including albino and melanistic grays. Woodchucks, including one with plastic bag around neck, a melanistic animal and one with unmatched teeth. Porcupines. Raccoons including animals feeding in garbage cans. River otters. Beavers. Long-tailed weasels in winter coats with cottontail and ruffed grouse. Reintroductions of peregrine falcons and trumpeter swans. Bald eagles feeding on car-killed deer. Mating displays of ruffed, sharptailed, spruce and blue grouse. Wild turkeys, including gobblers fighting. Owls, including snowy with snowshoe hare, boreal, barred and great gray. A variety of birds, including waterfowl, loons and endangered whooping cranes with chick and Kirtland's warblers. Snapping and painted turtles, including snapper laying eggs. Frogs and toads, including American toads mating. Snakes, including garter snake den concentrations in Manitoba, hog nose snake. Congregation of fiddler crabs.
FLORA Wild fruits, berries, nuts, morels, some flowers. Trees with fall color. Logging.
OUTDOOR RECREATION Extensive coverage of hunting, especially deer, bear and small game. Freshwater fishing, especially on the Great Lakes, including icefishing. Kayaking, canoeing, camping. John Voelker (aka Robert Traver) fishing/with brook trout.
SPECIALTIES Whitetail deer, black bear, ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare, wildlife tracks and signs. Extensive coverage of whitetails, including albinos, bucks, does and fawns. One-of-a-kind sequences of twin albino bucks from fawns through growth of first antlers and one year's antler growth from start to finish of a number of bucks. Unique sequence of a relocated grizzly bear attacking a Montana game warden. Thorough black bear coverage, including color phases, research, eating a variety of natural foods, nuisance animals, in dens, mating, cubs, cubs nursing, bears with whitetail fawns and road-killed whitetails, animal attacking a photographer, much, much more.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS North America: Canada (many provinces); Grand Canyon (rafting and fishing the Colorado River, riding out of canyon on mules); Hawaii (Haleakala NP in Maui, Waimea Canyon in Kauai, sugar cane and pineapple fields); Lake Superior Circle Tour through Ontario (Ouimet Canyon); Mt. McKinley with tour bus in foreground; Upper Great Lakes region, including state and national parks. Africa: Central African Republic, South Africa, Zimbabwe.
RECENT COVERAGE Digital stills and video of a saw whet owl in a pine tree with a mouse it caught. Video taped the owl eating the mouse. Was also lucky enough to film a mink catch a chipmunk, kill it and carry it off. Excellent video of whitetails and black bear. Have been shooting high- definition video since 2012 and have excellent coverage of whitetail deer, including an albino doe and piebald doe, deer eating mushrooms, fawns nursing, mutual grooming, bucks fighting, bucks and does breeding and more. Also have excellent video of ruffed grouse drumming and other grouse behavior.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Richard Smith started shooting digital video in 2003 and HD video in 2012. He has video and stills on the following: Loons changing places on nest, piebald whitetail doe, whitetail buck breeding a doe, black bear denned in bald eagle's nest and in an old building foundation in Duluth, Minnesota, black bear eating blueberries, ravens leaving their nest with a parent feeding one of the fledglings in a tree. Mated pair of whooping cranes with chick, feeding, calling, sitting on nest before egg hatched.
CREDITS Magazines: American Hunter, Bear Hunting, Bear Hunters Online, Buckmasters, Deer & Deer Hunting, Field & Stream, Michigan Hooks & Bullets, Michigan Sportsman, National Wildlife, North American Hunter, North American Whitetail, Outdoor Life, Smithsonian, Turkey Call, Whitetails Unlimited, Woods-N-Water News. Books: Stackpole, Willow Creek Press. Author/Photographer: Provided text and most or all of the photographs for Animal Tracks and Sign of North America, Book of the Black Bear, Hunting Trophy Black Bear, Black Bear Hunting, Deer Hunting (4th edition), Great Michigan Deer Tales (books 1-6), Stand Hunting for Whitetails, Tracking Wounded Deer, Understanding Michigan Black Bear (2nd edition). Advertising/Corporate: National Geographic Television. Have produced two DVDs; one on Field Judging Black Bears (46 minutes) and the other titled Walking With Whitetails (90 minutes).
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Richard is a writer and a photographer. He has published more than 1,000 magazine articles, 25 books and 2 DVDs. To see booklist, visit
COMMENTS As a photojournalist, Richard provides photo/text packages. Also available for editing services. Edited a quarterly newsletter for 10 years and have edited other author's books.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Available for slide, Powerpoint or video presentations on a variety of natural history subjects. Frequent speaker about whitetail deer and black bear.
Richard P. Smith
814 Clark St.
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