Graeme Teague Photography

Graeme Teague Photography

THE FILE GTPhoto: Several million images by approximately 75 award-winning professional photographers.
OVERVIEW GTPHOTO is a unique photo agency with knowledgeable, award-winning photographers, filmmakers, authors, scientists and guides covering our world.
MARITIME STOCK Islands, oceans and underwater settings worldwide. Coverage from a select group of the world's leading underwater photographers. Fabulous topside work from the islands, plus all fish, invertebrates and corals underwater. Huge shark, dolphin and whale stock. Marine work covers all categories from political, commercial and controversial to aquaculture, behavior and dazzling beauty, plus ships, yachts and assorted craft.
BRITISH COLUMBIA Extensive long-term coverage of this dazzling part of the world, both topside and underwater. All subjects, including towns and cities, people, festivals and celebrations, historic, First Peoples, Salish Nation, gardens, wildlife, forests, islands, business, industry, maritime everything, aviation, tourism, parks, weather, adventure and fun. Resident with special access and connections.
FLORIDASTOCK Extensive coverage throughout Florida, from the Dry Tortugas to the Okefenokee wilderness. Lighthouses, yacht industry, beaches, cities and towns, people, festivals and celebrations, transportation, air shows, historic, Seminole Indians, NASA/Space Center, gardens, zoos, wildlife, tropical flower specialist, classic architecture, Art Deco, cruise ships. Everglades, Florida Keys, Key West, Miami Beach, Little Havana.
GEORGIASTOCK Expanded coverage and stock on the whole state of Georgia, Okefenokee wilderness, Barrier Islands, Golden Isles, Cumberland Island specialist, Savannah, Atlanta, cities and towns, gorgeous and unique countryside, festivals, plantation & antebellum architecture, extensive and deep agriculture (peanuts, cotton, peaches, other crops), hunting & fishing, gardens, migrant farm labor, people, lifestyles, historic, state symbols, state parks, weather, wildlife, wilderness. Everything!
GTPHOTO Broad all-encompassing artistic and editorial coverage of the Bahamas, Caribbean and Central America: Cities, towns and villages, resorts, agriculture, architecture, environment, events and festivals, scenics, geography, industry, island life, ancient ruins, forts and castles, people, sports, cruising, adventure and national parks. Underwater coverage of all Bahamas, Caribbean and Florida.
WILDLIFE & NATURE SPECIALTIES The agency has multiple nature and specialty photographers, including resident photographers in Costa Rica, Hawaiian Islands, Florida to NZ, Australia to Gibraltar and even Guam! Big animal specialist, both topside and underwater. Butterfly, moth, amphibian, reptile, insect and frog specialists. World's leading bee scientist and photographer.
SUPER SPECIALITIES Extreme Weather - astonishing work from world's leading storm chaser. Mountains - breathtaking work from mountains around the globe. Birds - multiple photographers with worldwide stock. Tropical plants and flowers - deep files, photo resource ID book available. Agriculture and farming - huge U.S. agriculture files, multiple crops, all phases, including artistic interpretations. Southern Africa & Namibia - deep files, multiple subjects over decades.
SPECIALTIES Honduras, Bay Islands, Copán and Cochino Islands. Extensive Mayan stock covering several decades. Hurricanes - before, during and after. Island children. Miami Beach, Art Deco, Little Havana, South Florida and Florida Keys. South Georgia. Cumberland Island. NASA & Outer Space. Historical research and book covers.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Since all photographers with the agency constantly travel and shoot, we have the vast majority of the globe covered. Geographic coverage includes: Arctic, Antarctic, Far East/Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India, southern Africa, Europe, Caribbean, West Indies, Central America, North America, Canada, Hawaii, Pacific islands everywhere!
RECENT COVERAGE POTLATCH - incredible. Special guest, with camera, invited to attend a Potlatch at the Namgis Big House - Alert Bay, Cormorant Island, BC. Haida Gwaii - stunning, edge-of-the-world work. First Nations, people, islands, forestry, parks, wildlife, fun, funky, lots of totem poles. Amazing light and watercolor compositions around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. West Coast from Victoria to Tofino. Totem poles and carving by master carver of the Salish Nation - 6-month shoot now complete. Inter-tribal pow-wow, holidays and festivals, parks, historic, gardens, first nations, fairs.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Northern Vancouver Island. Victoria, Vancouver Island, Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands throughout 2024. Trips always building; contact the agency for wants and details. Write, shoot and publish Tropical & Garden Flower Identification, Totem Hosaqami (contact office for copies). Photo trips are developed up to two years in advance. Call to discuss itinerary.
CREDITS Feature articles and/or images are published every month somewhere in the world. Work appears in magazines, coffee-table books, textbooks, children's books, advertising, brochures, calendars, newsletters, show programs, guides, museums, aquariums, catalogs, CDs, websites and even in a couple of languages I cannot read. Full client list available on request. Selected credits include: Magazines/Newspapers: Audubon, National Geographic, Islands, Newsweek, Outside, Ranger Rick, Smithsonian. Other: Abercrombie & Kent, American Museum of Natural History, Bahamas Tourist Board, Jamaica Tourist Board, NPF, NWF, Harcourt, WWF, Barnes & Noble and more. Writes, photographs and publishes Tropical & Garden Flower Identification. Contact the office for copies.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Award winning author, photographer and publisher. 2009 Eric Hoffer Gold Medal for Literary Excellence. 2007 IPPY for Best Non-Fiction SE USA. Owns publishing company. West Indies live-aboard ship captain (five years). Underwater and photographic instructor (20 years). Bee photography specialist, full equipment. Grew up in Zululand and the Arctic. Assignment photographer, ecoadventure/photo tour guide, naturalist, poet, painter, teacher, captain, chef, garden/landscape design, tropical flowers, philosopher and bartender!
COMMENTS Excellent contacts and access built over decades for all specialties . Always available as combination assignment writer and photographer - underwater and topside. Full-service office, easy communication, professional, reasonable rates.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Presentations and lectures. World famous photo road trips - adventure! Tropical and garden plant and flower specialist. Mayan specialist. Ecoadventure tours through La Ruta Maya and Costa Rican rainforests in Central America. Fine-art prints. Computer graphic design, layouts and digital photography workshops available. Need a narrator for your latest project? We have one with an extraordinary voice!
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