Sallie Sprague

Sallie Sprague

THE FILE 20,000+ 35mm, some b/w.
OVERVIEW Sallie Sprague's goal is to show people what they are not able to see for themselves. She captures the nature of a subject and uses natural light to enhance her images. Subjects include a variety of biomes and habitats on four continents, with an emphasis on botanical species and scientists at work.
NATURAL HISTORY Habitats and restoration, geological features. Extensive botanical collections (whole plant, macro and abstracts). Patterns and reflections in landscapes. People planting trees.
GENERAL STOCK Foreign travel/tourism, countrysides, people, scenics, eco-cruising. Hands at work (primarily b/w).
ENVIRONMENTAL Scientists at work. Adults and children restoring fish and wildlife habitat. Tropical and temperate deforestation. Logging techniques. Glaciers, icebergs, humpback whales.
SPECIALTIES Dramatic botanical shots from tropical and temperate forests, alpine meadows, shortgrass prairie. Documentation of people working outdoors. Twenty-five years of Cumberland Island. Stream restoration. Logging roads, landslides and repair.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Appalachians, Himalayas (Annapurna), North Cascades and Rocky Mountains. Costa Rica (volcanoes, forests), Guyana (forests, savannas). Greece. Nepal. Many U.S. and foreign parks. Coastal New England, Northwest, Georgia, southeastern Alaska, Canadian Maritimes. Some Australia.
RECENT COVERAGE Environmental restoration in northwestern Washington. Rainforests (Alaska, Oregon, Washington), desert flora (Arizona, Baja California), whale watching, icebergs, glaciers (Alaska). Australian parks. Cumberland Island National Seashore. Colorado shortgrass prairie, Pawnee National Grassland.
CREDITS Magazines: American Forests, Brandeis Review, Current Events, Diversion, Quest. Books: Armand Colin Éditeur, Carolrhoda, Lerner, Scott Foresman/Addison-Wesley, Smithsonian. Author/Photographer: Middlebury magazine. Other: Annual reports, corporate brochures, notecards, postcards.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS A.B., anthropology; B.A., natural sciences; M.S. and Ph.D., biochemistry. Fifteen years in plant/photosynthesis research and publication. Extensive classroom teaching.
COMMENTS Environmental assignment/stock photographer combining a scientist’s perspective on natural processes with a photographer’s eye for form and color.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Regional slide presentations, educational programs, exhibits, photo décor. Natural history guide.
Sallie Sprague
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Sunrise reflected in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Coho salmon fry cradled in the hands of a volunteer working to protect lowland streams through agricultural and rural areas.