Bruce Griffin
THE FILE Transparency film stock of about 4,000+ 35mm; 4,000+ 4x5 is maintained for scanning uses. Most new work from 2014-on is digital.
OVERVIEW Scenic nature photography emphasizing American Southwest landscapes, from desert to mountain, with seasons and moods. Locations: Familiar to remote, views from macro to scenic.
NATURAL HISTORY Mojave and Sonoran deserts, including national monuments, parks and some BLM sites. Mojave National Preserve. Desert grasslands and southeast Arizona sky island mountain ranges. Weather, wildflowers, celestial images, including landscape/lunar/star trail combinations. Some butterflies and moths.
GENERAL STOCK Rural southwestern scenics, desert to mountain. Strong images on southern Arizona national parks and monuments.
SCENICS Mainly southwest US and some northwest Mexico. Both large and small format.
SPECIALTIES Sonoran desert region landscapes, all seasons. Clouds and Arizona summer monsoon moods. Close work includes less common cacti and flowers, southwestern moths and butterflies.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Arizona, California deserts, some southern Nevada and Colorado Plateau and Sonora State, Mexico.
RECENT COVERAGE New coverage on Arizona wildflowers, including cacti, from late winter and spring, 2015.
CREDITS Magazines: Arizona Highways (including individual portfolios), Arizona Official State Visitor's Guide, Arizona Travel Parks Association Directory, Highroads, Merian (Germany), Money, Sierra, Sonorensis (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum), Tucson Guide, Tucson Home, Tucson Planning & Services Guide, Tucson Visitors' Guide. Books: Arizona Highways, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Grand Canyon Association, Madden Preprint Media, Photographer's Market, Smith-Southwestern, Towery, University of California Press, Western National Parks Association. Advertising/Corporate: LP & G, Inc., Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau. Calendars: Arizona Highways, Artisan (Audubon), Avalanche Publishing, Brown & Bigelow, Smith-Southwestern, Teldon. Other: Carousel Research.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS B.S., Agricultural Biology. Interests include Botany, Astronomy, Lepidoptera, Weather Phenomena. Forty years of experience as a naturalist gives Bruce Griffin an edge in outdoor photographic work.
COMMENTS Submissions personally edited; no research fees. Griffin's botanical and entomological knowledge is reflected in the captions.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES can be used to access selected prints from monthly Arizona Highways issues.
Bruce Griffin
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Saguaros and the Crescent Moon, Sunset Twilight.
Winter sunset twilight over Elephant Head, Santa Rita Mountains.

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