David Jensen
THE FILE 50,000 35mm, 6x7, 4x5 and digital captures.
NATURAL HISTORY Compelling artistic interpretations of the natural scene in dramatic light showing geological context, habitats, plant communities, watersheds, weather. From storytelling landscapes to macros of a full range of life zones, alpine to coastal to desert.
GENERAL STOCK The human figure in vast outdoor settings. Adventure travel, camping, climbing, hiking, rafting, skiing. National parks and public lands. Native American history, archaeological and historic sites. Rural scenics, agriculture, livestock, towns and travel destinations in the western U.S.
SPECIALTIES Large-format landscapes of the West, especially its coast, deserts, forests, mountains and rivers. Emphasis on semiarid and alpine lands east of the Cascades, including the northern Rockies and northern Great Basin.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. Emphasis: Columbia River watershed. Some Australia (Tasmania, Victoria).
CREDITS Magazines: Acura, Backpacker, Bank's World, Coast-to-Coast, Country, Cowboys and Indians, Defenders, Farm & Ranch, Horizon Air, National Parks, Natural History, Northwest, Northwest Living, Northwest Travel, Oregon, Oregon Coast, Oregon Outside, Outdoor Photographer, Pacific Northwest, Popular Photography, Sculpture, Sierra, Skiing, Southwest Art, Via. Books: American & World Geographic, Beautiful America, Capstone, Caxton Printers, Chanticleer, Falcon, Key Porter, Houghton Mifflin, Insight Guides, Lerner, National Geographic, Newbridge Communications, Pika Press, Reader's Digest, St Remy Press, Time-Life. Paper Products: Calendars for Abbeville, Audubon, BrownTrout, Cathedral Press, Cedco, Elliott, Golden Turtle, Hoyle, Landmark General, McCleery-Cumming, Northwest Travel, Portal Publications, Reiman, Sierra Club, Smith-Western, Teldon, Terrell, Vernon; notecards for Global Editions, Healthy Planet, Waterborne; posters for Art Angle Graphics. Other: Brochures, dioramas, U.S. Forest Service exhibit, Eastern Oregon Visitor's Association, Idaho Dept. of Parks & Recreation, Oregon Tourism Division. Agent: FPG (Seattle).
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Geology major; M.A., philosophy. Published author.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Workshop instructor. Printing services. Studio, product photography. Mountain guide.
David Jensen
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Frost on ice at Wallowa Lake

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