Chuck Davis / Tidal Flats Ltd.

Chuck Davis / Tidal Flats Ltd.

THE FILE 30,000 35mm; 1,000 b/w.
OVERVIEW Documentary coverage of marine/undersea subjects with a cinematic style using closeups, medium shots and long shots. Also, impressionistic renditions of oceanic subjects. Uses both color and b/w mediums. Sometimes blurs the line between land and sea, emphasizing the connection between the terrestrial and oceanic realms. "The ultimate purpose of my work," says Chuck Davis, "is to help connect people with the sea and create awareness and conservation of our marine environment.
NATURAL HISTORY Wide range of oceanic subjects. Documentary and behavioral photographs of algae, fishes, invertebrates, marine mammals, rays, sharks. Included: anemones, corals, crabs, dolphins, echinoderms, ectoprocts, hydroids, kelp/seaweeds, lobsters, mollusks, temperate and tropical fishes, whales. Also, abstract/impressionistic images depicting moods, design elements in the sea. Undersea panoramas. Fine art black and white (scanned), film-based (35mm and medium format) underwater imagery.
GENERAL STOCK Coastlines and beaches, including human impact and pollution. Scuba diving. Shipwrecks.
SPECIALTIES Detailed natural history studies of marine animals. Strong coverage of California's giant kelp forests and other marine life with emphasis on the Monterey Bay, Point Lobos State Reserve, Channel Islands NP. Photographer/cinematographer on numerous Cousteau expeditions worldwide and several IMAX® feature documentaries. Fine art black and white (film-based) 35mm and medium format underwater photography.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS U.S.: Alaska (Arctic, Southeast), California, Florida Keys, Hawaii, New England. Africa: Madagascar, Okavango Delta. Australia: Southern, western. Caribbean: Bahamas, Caymans. Other: Amazonia (Peru, Iguaçu), Fiji, Greenland (west coast), Guadalupe Island (Mexico), Iceland, Indian Ocean (Seychelles), Japan (coast), Red Sea (Egypt, Saudi Arabia), Sea of Cortés (Mexico), Taiwan.
CREDITS Magazines: America West, AQUA (Italy), Audubon, BBC Wildlife, B+W, Ça m'Interesse (France), Calypso/Dolphin (logs, Cousteau Society), Defenders, National Wildlife, LensWork, LIFE, National Geographic, Natural History, Nature's Best, Ocean Realm, ORION, Outside, Ranger Rick, Scientific American, Sea, Smithsonian, Der Spiegel (Germany), Terre Sauvage, Time. Books: Abrams (Cousteau's Papua New Guinea Journey, Great White Shark, Australia), Benjamin/Cummings, Dodd Mead, Grolier (Audubon Nature Yearbook), Holt, Kirchoff/Wohlberg, Laidlaw/Doubleday, Macmillan, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Scholastic, St. Remy Press, Wiley. Author/Photographer: California Reefs (Chronicle). Advertising/Corporate: CBS News, Discovery Channel, Harvey Wetsuits, SONY Music/Japan, Swatch, U.S. Divers Co. Paper Products: Audubon, Carolyn Bean, Cousteau, Earthshine, Sierra Club, WildLight. Audiovisuals/Museum Displays: Cabrillo Marine Museum, California Marine Mammal Center, Cousteau Society, Kodak/Alden Butcher Productions, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Mystic Aquarium, National Park Service, Ocean Futures Society, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Save the Whales Foundation, Shedd Aquarium. Agents: Stone, ImageBank, Photographers Choice.
COMMENTS Full-time stock/assignment marine photographer and cinematographer; 16mm/super16mm and 35mm motion picture and HD footage available on some subjects.
Chuck Davis / Tidal Flats Ltd.
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