Working on Your Index

The process for creating and modifying it later is the same. If you are modifying an existing index you may view it in the lower right hand window of the index utility page. If you are creating an index for the first time, that window will be empty.

These instructions explain the process of creating and/or modifying your index. To begin the process, follow the Index Update link on this page or on your photographers utilities page.

  1. Begin by entering a specific keyword in the Search section (upper left). This will bring up the term if it is in the index and also show any related terms and cross-references. (Your search will be most productive if you use partial words ending in an asterisk *.) You can also search alphabetically, but no related terms will appear.

  2. In the Search Results section (lower left), go to the appropriate term and select it by clicking the Add Term or Bold Term selection box. This will automatically add this term to current changes in your index list. If the page reload time after each change is slow, please click the Hide List button in the lower right hand window. This will temporarily disable the reloading of the list after you add a term. Click the Show List button to reload and preview your stock list once you have finished adding terms.

  3. In the large window on the lower right, you will see a list of your index terms. It is a preview of your current terms along with those added as you edit. Using the provided buttons, you may edit or delete any term on the list.

  4. To cancel all your changes, click the Cancel button (upper right window).

  5. To proof your index, and to create a record of your selected terms, the Print Index button delivers a printable version of your index choices.

  6. To make your changes permanent, click the Submit Index button (upper right window). This will bring you to your Index Approval page, where you will see the final tabulation and any money owed for additional index entries. To complete the process, click the Approve button at the bottom of the Index Approval page. You will receive a confirmation message. If you would like to continue to modify your index prior to approving it, click the Edit button to return to the Index Utilities.

Keeping Count

As you work, you can find a running count of your index entries on the top right of your Index Work form. It contains your:

  • Base Count - the number of entries and bold listings to which you are entitled.

  • Current Index - a modified count based on editorial modifications of the index. If you have lost entries as a result of our editing, you may select new entries to bring your total back to the base count for no additional charge.

  • Current Changes - a tally of the edit you are now making.


We strongly recommend that you save and submit your changes from time to time while you are working to avoid loss of work due to computer problems or internet outages.


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