AGPix Image Delivery System DEMO

This is a demo version of the AGPix Image Delivery System, which will allow you to test the technical capabilities of your computer setup before you sign up for the service. The full version of the system has additional features and will allow you to upload up to five files at one time.

We suggest that you test by uploading an image file of the size and quality that you would typically need to deliver to a photo buyer. Please note that this is for test purposes only; the image you upload will not be available for download.

To use the Image Delivery Service, it is best to have a current web browser, a high speed internet connection and sufficient computer memory. To assist your assessment of the system use the field below to upload a hi res image. Note that uploading large files is never an immediate function; the larger the upload, the more time you should allow. Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have regarding your computer's own technical capabilities.

Step 1. Click the Browse button and locate the files on your computer. Double click the file you wish to insert into the upload field. You may upload image files as well as text files (delivery memos, etc).

Step 2. Once you have inserted the file click the Upload button.

Step 3. The web page will display a message when the upload is complete.

Upload new file:

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