AGPix Image FTP

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method used to transfer files from computer to computer; in other words, to either upload or download your files.

Using an FTP address and a private username and password you may upload images in bulk to the AGPix web site using an FTP client. An FTP Client is software that is designed to transfer files over the Internet. Examples of popular FTP Clients are CuteFTP and WS-FTP LE for the PC, and Fetch for the Mac.

You must have your own FTP client to use this system. Most FTP clients have a two-pane design. The pane on the left displays files on your computer and the pane on the right displays the files on the remote computer. In the left pane is where you would navigate for your image files and the right pane shows what has been uploaded. Depending on which client you use, file transfers are as easy as dragging and dropping files from one pane to the other or by highlighting a file and clicking one of the direction arrows located between the panes. AGPix is currently using Cute FTP Home Version 8, and we will do our best to give you an overview of using FTP if you are using a similar program and version. Technical issues with the client itself must be addressed with the program provider.

Setting up your AGPix FTP login.

You will connect to or

Your user name is your AGPix ID - . This ID is not editable.

To set your FTP password, follow the link in your utilities that reads Set up your FTP account. This links to a secure web page, where you choose a new password according to the guidelines that are described. Your FTP password is only used for FTP image uploads, not AGPix login. Again, please note that the password for your FTP account is separate from your photographer utilities password and should be a different password; we recommend that you do not use the same one as your general login. Once you have done this, then you are able to login via ftp, and this link becomes one that allows you to change your existing ftp password.

Please note that FTP usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.

Images uploaded via FTP should be sized according to the standard AGPix Image Size guidelines. Thumbnail versions of your images will be created automatically as part of the publishing process described below. If you would like to create and upload your own thumbnails you will have to name your images by matching sets. For example, if the the large image name is specificimage.jpg, then the matching thumbnail should be named specificimage_thumb.jpg. The thumbnail image must have the _thumb following the file name in order for the images to match.

Once you have transfered your images via FTP you may close your FTP Client and login to your AGPix utilities. In the Image Utilities section of the page, follow the link that reads Publish images from FTP to catalog. Please note that you will only see this link once images have been transfered and are waiting to be published to the site. This link will:

  1. Publish your images to your Image Management where they can be captioned and key worded if needed. Please note that if you are using IPTC data in your images and all of the required fields are complete you will not need to go to Image Management; your files will be automatically published to the live site.

  2. Provide you with any errors/information regarding this transfer. You will/may see the following notices:

    • If your images have been successfully transfered to your Image Management utility you will see a message: successfully published as AGPix_yourcode_imagenumber.jpg. Once images have been successfully transfered they will no longer appear in your FTP space.

    • If you have run out of image space you see a message: insufficient space left to publish this image. Please note: to maximize the image transfer process, if an image is too large for the space you have remaining, the system will check the next image in the list, and so on, for files that will fit in your remaining space. Any images that were not published due to insufficient space will remain in your FTP space. You may purchase additional space using the Purchase Additional Image Space link, and then re-visit the publish page to publish the remaining images.

    • If your image is an invalid size and has not been added you will see a message: Image #1 (filename.JPG): appears to be an invalid size (size x size). Images not transfered due to size will be automatically deleted from your FTP space.

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