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Please be sure to review the instructions thoroughly before using this feature.

Particular Key words and copyright information often apply to multiple images. To add information to multiple images at once you may use the Bulk Copyright / Keywords form. This feature can be used to:

  • add new keywords to existing ones. This feature adds to an existing keyword list it does not replace.
  • add keywords to images that have not been key worded.
  • add or replace/overwrite copyright information.
Please note that the changes made here apply only to AGPix text fields. Information entered here does not change the metadata in the image file.

1. Under Image Management click on Add Bulk Copyright / Keywords to Images.

2. You will be brought to a page with a blank key word and copyright field. You may fill in either one or both of these fields.

3. Click on Post This Information. This will bring you the following page where you will select the images to receive the text you have entered. The information you entered into the initial fields will be retained throughout this work session or until you click "Click here if you want to set the Copyright or add Keywords for images" to change the text to be inserted.

To apply the text to specific images:

1. Search for images or display up to 100 images per page and work numerically.

2. Then you may select individual images to apply the keyword and/or copyright to and click Add Copyright/Keywords to Selected Images.

To add your text to all of your catalog images click Add Copyright/Keywords to All Images. Please note that by clicking Add Copyright/Keywords to All Images that your changes will apply to all the images in your catalog, not just those in view on the page.

To add your text to all all blank images click Add Copyright/Keywords to All Uncaptioned Images.

Key Words: Images are located onsite via keyword. Include as many keywords as possible relevant to the image. Do not use your name or business name as a keyword. These keywords will be removed as they may compromise search results. We do not have a limit as to the number of keywords you may use. Each word or phrase should be listed separately and separated by a comma and a space. For example: (city, New York, New York City, City of New York) For hints and tips on effective keywording please contact us at

* Copyright (Enter name of photographer or photographer / agency. Do NOT include the word copyright or the © symbol - it will be added automatically when your captions are posted to the server. You MUST have a space before and after the forward slash if used.):

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