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Use the links (to the left of the image) to manage your images.

Edit Caption, etc.: Edit your captions, keywords and related image information.
Delete All: Delete the image, including captions, keywords and related image information.
Replace Image Only: Replace the image leaving captions, keywords and related image information in place.

Your images will not appear on the web site until the required fields have been completed. The required fields are Primary Caption, Key Words, Copyright.

Please note that if you are adding IPTC information to the File Info section of your images pre-upload, that information will be automatically transfered into the correct fields on the web site and your images will be added to your Image Catalog and the site's search engine automatically. In most recent versions of Photoshop the Description field is your Caption, Copyright notice is copyright and Keywords remains keywords.

Optional: Once the necessary data has been been added to your images, you can use the "Create a Portfolio" link on your main utilities page to create subject specific Portfolio Pages in addition to your overall Image Catalog.

Bulk Copyright and Keywords: Click here if you want to set the Copyright or add Keywords for images. After setting the Copyright/Keywords, you can select (check) the images and click "Add Copyright/Keywords to Selected Images" to update the images. You can also click "Add Copyright/Keywords to All Uncaptioned Images" to update uncaptioned images with the Copyright/Keywords. If you have questions, please contact AG Editions.

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