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AGPix Monthly Renewal Procedures

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Free services for all AGPix participants:

  1. Change your Photographer Utilities password

  2. Post or edit Latest Coverage on your Profile Page.

  3. Update your contact information immediately.

  4. Update your Profile Page listing.

  5. Post or edit your Profile Page Biography.

  6. Viewing Platform

    Allows you to upload images to a temporary client page that is not accessible to the general public. A Viewing Platform remains online until you delete it or for four weeks (28 days), whichever comes first. If you need to extend the time your viewing platform is online, please do so before the expiration date listed.

    1. Upload Images to Viewing Platform:
    2. Create a Viewing Platform from Catalog Images

    3. Purchase Additional Viewing Platforms

  7. Image Delivery System

    1. Image Delivery System Overview

    2. Image Delivery Preview Prior to using the Image Delivery System, click this link to assess your computer and internet capabilities.

    3. Access the AGPix Image Delivery System

  8. View Profile Page

  9. Daily Photo Wants

  10. Change your DPW email address

    Image Utilities: New Image Sizes!

    Please click here to view the new range of image sizes you can upload. To accomodate for these larger sizes, we have also given you 10GB of additional image space. We challenge you to use it all! An expansive portfolio of large, compable images, makes your work more competitive.

  11. Image Catalog

    1. Upload catalog images (automatically creates thumbnail images)

    2. Upload catalog images (upload your own thumbnail images)

    3. FTP instructions (for bulk image uploads)

    4. Set up your FTP account

    5. Image Management

    6. Set Comp Defaults

    7. Set Digital Original Default

    8. Purchase Image Space

    9. View/edit non-selects

    10. View/edit "A" Images

    11. View/edit Photographer Select Images

    12. View/edit "B" Images

    13. View Comped Photos

    14. Set Watermark Default
  12. Create or update your AGPix Portfolio

  13. Update your Profile Page Images

    1. Update Company Logo

    2. Select Signature shot or Portrait from Catalog images

  14. Submit a Portrait Image for the AGPix Home Page

    Index Update Utility:

  15. Preview Index Update Guidelines
    These guidelines have been created in order to assist you in receiving the maximum results from your online index. It is strongly recommended that you review these guidelines before updating and/or creating your index.

  16. Index Update Instructions

  17. Update your index now.

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