Prices and Qualifications

$36 for one month of services

Qualification: Please list ten or more national publication credits or clients to indicate professional experience (required). Credits must be from 10 different organizations and should not include contests. Calendars, annual reports, magazines, book publishers, newspapers and greeting card companies are good examples of qualifying publications.

New Participants: Those who are not currently members of AGPix Live will be charged an additional one time set up fee of $150. This covers the cost of initial setup and includes 10GB's of image space in the AGPix Image catalog.


  • rotating image on homepage
  • AGPix profile page that includes your listing, 3 images, stocklist and a personalized biography
  • 300 subject index entries, 50 of which can be emphasized with bold type
  • a unique AGPix URL that brings viewers directly to your page
  • 5 viewing platforms that allow you to post images temporarily for client review (more available)
  • hot link from your AGPix profile page to your personal homepage if your page meets professional qualifications
  • instant update of profile page information
  • the ability to edit your index/stocklist entries and add new coverage
  • no limit to the number of photos in the image catalog. Images are subject to review. Call or email to discuss image catalog rates and procedures: 800 727 9593
  • no annual fee for image maintenance

    Questions? Call 800 727 9593

Your account will be activated when your payment is processed by AG Editions Inc. Please allow 10 business days for processing. You may submit your credit card information using this secure web form. Or, print this form and fax or mail your credit card information or check to (US Dollars only):

AG Editions Inc.
PO Box 545
Ithaca, New York 14851

To pay by phone please call 800 727-9593

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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12. Administrative email address (Please note: This email address will be used for AGPix to subscriber contact only. All billing-related emails, special notices and announcements will be sent to this address. This email address will not be visible on your AGPix Profile page. You may leave this field blank if it is the same address entered in item 10, the Primary Email address field):
13. Your existing URL. (Please note: we will make a live link from your AGPix Profile Page to your private site only if your site meets the standards of our technical department. You will be informed of our decision within 10 business days of your application if the link will be live or not. Sites that do not meet our professional standards may still be listed on your AGPix Profile page, but will not have a hot link.):
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*20. Please list your ten or more national publication credits or clients to indicate professional experience (required). If you have not provided a web site address AGPix may ask for a sample of images to review along with your application.
*21. Please specify the number of images in your photo library. Color (to the nearest thousand), and note format if not 35mm. Give a round number of B/W (black-and-white) if applicable.
*22. To help us serve your needs, please list your subject specialties.
*23. Your Daily Photo Wants will be delivered via the Internet. We ask that your password remain private and that neither you nor your staff share the Daily Photo Wants contents.
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