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Canadian moonseed, Menispermum canadense, common moonseed, yellow parilla, moonseed, Menispermaceae;...

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Caption: Canadian moonseed, Menispermum canadense, common moonseed, yellow parilla, moonseed, Menispermaceae; is a flowering plant in the family Menispermaceae, native to eastern North America, from southern Canada south to northern Florida, and from the Atlantic coast west to Manitoba and Texas. The seed inside the purple-black berries resembles a crescent moon, and is responsible for the common name. Both the leaves and fruit resemble those of grapes; confusion can be dangerous as Moonseed fruit is poisonous. All parts of these plants are known to be poisonous.[4] The principal toxin is the alkaloid dauricine.[5] The fruit of Canada Moonseed are poisonous and can be fatal. While foraging for wild grapes one should examine the seeds of the fruit to make sure one is not eating moonseeds: moonseeds have a single crescent-shaped seed, while grapes have round seeds. Differences in taste should also be an indicator of whether or not a specimen is grape or Moonseed, moonseeds have a taste that is described as "rank". The Cherokee used Moonseed as a laxative, and as a gynecological and venereal aid. The root was used for skin diseases. The Lenape used it in a salve for sores on the skin. It has been used for a variety of medicinal uses by Americans of European descent. (Wiki). Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, USA, Appalachian Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains, plants; flower, flowering, bloom, blooming, anthesis; wildflower, angiosperm, wildflowers, wild flower, angiosperms, Moonseed010583zs.tif
Location: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, United States of America
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