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Silver-leaved Frailejones , Bello Grigio Espeletia, Senecio niveoaureus, also known...

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Caption: Silver-leaved Frailejones , Bello Grigio Espeletia, Senecio niveoaureus, also known as white arnica; Andes endemic paramo plant with large toilet paper white fuzzy leaves and yellow sunflower like flowers. The species, known as white arnica, comes from the páramo of Colombia and Ecuador, a high-altitude tundra zone found at about 10,000 to 15,000 feet (3100 to 4600 m) of altitude in the Andes, a climate where it is cold at night all year long and rarely more than chilly during the day. If the plant is completely covered with white hairs, that's partly to protect it from the cold, but also to filter out excess sunlight, because it usually grows above the clouds, fully exposed to harmful UV rays. Senecio with more than 1200 species, is one of the largest genera of flowering plants in the world. Los Nevados National Park, Nevado del Ruiz, paramo, central Andes, high altitude paramo, Termales del Ruiz, Colombia, South America; FrailejonesSL89346P.jpg
Location: Los Nevados National Park, Nevado del Ruiz, central Andes
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