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Rocky Mountain Elk, Cervus canadensis nelsoni {Cervus elaphus nelsoni, American...

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Caption: Rocky Mountain Elk, Cervus canadensis nelsoni {Cervus elaphus nelsoni, American Elk} with Black-billed Magpie, Pica hudsonia picking ectoparasites, scabs etc in mutualistic symbiotic relationship; Rocky Mountain National Park, Beaver Meadows, 8000 feet elevation; Colorado, USA; ElkMagpie3B7384cxzse.tif
Location: Beaver Meadows
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Photo Alignment: 35mm (horizontal)
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Ann & Rob Simpson
1932 E Refuge Church Rd.
Stephens City VA 22655-9607

540 869-2051

540 869-2051



Ann & Rob Simpson

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