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THE FILE Library contains more than 14,000 (and growing) carefully edited digital images. All images captured with full-frame 35mm sensor, either Canon 5D initially and 1Ds Mark III since late 2008, complementing high quality Canon professional "L" lenses.
OVERVIEW As a self-taught (published and award-winning) fine art landscape nature photographer, my photographic goal is to "give a voice" to the land and its inhabitants, (paraphrasing a John Denver lyric) in my own small way. I hear the music of nature when I'm with my camera. Each aspect of the scene becomes one instrument playing its part in the total composition. Rather than simply recording what lies before me, I strive to put the viewer mentally in the scene, to experience the nuances of the image and feel its inspiration. Having always enjoyed nature photography, I often visualized photographic opportunities while driving many miles during my previous sales career. Schedules precluded the time needed to convert the visualized image to film. However, my interest in both photography and the natural environment never waned. Presented with the opportunity, on Friday October 13th, 2006, I took an early retirement from Motorola and endeavored on this photographic journey full-time.
PRIMARY FOCUS I concentrate primarily on Wisconsin landscapes, rivers, trees and wildflowers utilizing the many state parks and forests within the state. These are supplemented with similar categories from Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and a few ancillary locations.
PRINTS & STOCK My primary mission on each photo shoot is to capture images for fine art prints. General stock photography supplements this goal. All images are available as RM. Prints are likewise available for all images. If you don't find what you're looking for here, contact me for additional images.
SPECIALTIES Wisconsin state parks and public lands. Supplemented with other areas of the United States, including Rocky Mountain National Park, Gulf Coast, etc.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Wisconsin: State parks, especially southeastern Wisconsin (Kettle Moraine State Forest, Pike Lake, Lowe Lake); Lake Michigan area (Harrington Beach & Kohler-Andrae State Park); Door County (Peninsula & Potawatomi State Parks and surrounding area); Vilas County (Minocqua area, Boulder Junction lakes and area, Eagle River lakes and area). Additional periodic coverage extends annually to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado and Gulf coast area of Alabama and Florida.
CREDITS Magazines: AAA Living, Chicago Life, Country Extra, Destinations, E The Environmental Magazine, Mother Earth News, National Wildlife, Northern Woodlands, Scholastic, Smokies Life Magazine (GSMA), Weekly Reader, Wildflower (cover), Wisconsin Trails. Books: Stories of the Old Ones, Hunter and Fisher from Sheltered Water, Publications International; Amazing & Unusual USA; Human Kinetics, Recreation Facility Management Door County Visitor Guide; National Center for Conservation Science & Policy Environmental Report: Insects and Roadless Forests: A Scientific Review of Causes, Consequences and Management Alternatives (cover). Websites: AAA Living, Coalition of Environmental Groups. Other: The Last Mountain documentary film; billboard, Wisconsin DNR backdrop mural for state fair booth display, various wall murals licensed through mural company, promotional candy bar wrappers, promotional advertising poster, local newspapers, trade journals, numerous other publications through stock agencies. Fine Art Prints Art fair 1st & 2nd place awards. My fine art prints are purchased nationally for home, office and health care facilities. Prints sold from my booth at art fairs and directly through my website (powderhillphotography.com). I print all prints myself, as the print is the final expression of the photographic vision. Breathing Color Pura Smooth 100 percent cotton rag paper is used to make prints on professional Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Conservation degree. Write for my own blog (powderhillphotography.com) Past contributor to Pro Nature Photography blog. Published three articles in NANPA's previous quarterly magazine, Currents.
COMMENTS Retired early from sales career from a major communications company. Devoted to nature photography full-time. I use Canon professional quality equipment exclusively. I print my own prints with on my Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer, using all acid-free cotton rag fine art paper. Read more on my website (powderhillphotography.com).
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Published author (magazines). Provided photography evening training sessions at the local university. Satisfaction guaranteed on all services and products.
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