Paul Wiles Photography

Paul Wiles Photography

THE FILE 10,000 4x5, 6x7cm and 35mm high-resolution color files. Transparencies produced on Fujichrome Velvia since 1990; Kodachrome 25 prior to 1990. DSLR files from Nikon D3X beginning in 2010. DSLR files from Nikon D800e beginning in 2012. DSLR files from Nikon D810 beginning in 2016. DSLR files from Nikon D850 beginning late 2017.
OVERVIEW Artistic interpretation of nature, with an emphasis on less well-known subject matter and locales. Images range from the representational to the abstract, from broad landscapes to patterns in the macro world. Travel and destination photography, primarily in southern Europe, rendered in an artful manner.
SPECIALTIES Strong images of trees, including aspen and vine maple in both abstract and literal form; sand dunes and deserts; waterfalls, rivers, and streams; the California and Oregon coasts from Big Sur to the Washington border, in both intimate and broad detail; the Eastern Sierra and its canyons; the Willamette Valley, including farm fields and crops; the Cascade Mountains and their drainage, and northeast and southeast Oregon.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Nearly all states in the American West in all seasons, westward from the Continental Divide, the Pacific Northwest to the American Southwest, and up and down the West Coast. New and expanded coverage of the Tuscany region of Italy and the Greek island of Santorini during the spring of 2011. 2012 summer coverage of Provence, France. 2015 coverage of Val d'Orcia in southern Tuscany during the spring. 2017 mid-summer coverage of the Alpes-de-Haute in Provence, focusing primarily in the area east and northeast of Sisteron.
CREDITS Magazines/Newspapers: Featured in View Camera Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Nature's Best, Reiman Publications (U.S. based publisher of rural oriented content). Books: The Art of Seeing (Alcove Books), W.W. Norton Publishers. Calendars: Audubon, Sierra Club, Golden Turtle, Avalanche, MeadWest, Gladstone Media, Willow Creek Press. Greeting Cards: Sierra Club (Healthy Planet), Sierra Club (Pomegranate Communications), Red Oak. Advertising/Corporate: Calendars published in and for the Japanese market; The Territory Ahead; many regional and local credits. Agency: Signature in Tokyo (
COMMENTS Can usually deliver image files same day (scanned using high-end film and drum scanners) online via FTP or on CD. My fine art prints are represented in both private and corporate collections throughout the West Coast. For technical details, see the "Processes" link on my website (
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Fine art limited edition prints which I personally edit and print.
Paul Wiles Photography
Paul Wiles
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541 342-7304



MF 302. Fog and moonset over the Willamette Valley, OR
MF 482. California Buckeye tree