Lisa Loucks Christenson

Lisa Loucks Christenson

THE FILE 50,000 color slides, 500 glass negatives, 1,000,000 digital images, 1,000+ hours raw wildlife footage. Original: sketchbooks, journals, art, pastels, oil, mixed media, watercolor paintings.
OVERVIEW Celebrities, entertainers, artists, photographers, wildlife (including bald eagles, insects), pets (including dogs), family, lifestyle, environment, food, agriculture, lifestyles, travel, documentaries, macro, seasons, scenics and historical worldwide coverage.
BALD EAGLE DOCUMENTARY "If ever there was an eagle lady, her name is Lisa.--Ron Schara/Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound. Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™ began its eleventh year on January 1, 2015. Winter, spring, summer and fall coverage of the entire lives of bald eagles includes eagles raising their offspring both on and off the nest, interactions with other wildlife, rare behavior. Lisa has shot more than 1,000 hours of digital film, video, and more than a million stills of bird behavior (including blizzards, floods, tornadoes, storms, nesting, incubation, hatching, rearing of eaglets, eaglets feeding each other, fledgling and eaglets' continued journey with their parents for up to two years after they leave the nest). The Bald Eagle Documentary™ has been featured on television, regional newspapers, magazines and radio shows. It has been exhibited and sold at Lisa's galleries: Fudge Corner™, White Wolf Creek™ and the National Eagle Center. Lisa has written a book for each of the eleven years of her eagle journey. She has completed numerous wildlife documentaries, alongside her fiction series. Lisa offers a variety of eagle and wildlife presentations, which she has shared with visitors of all ages at: local Audubon, the National Eagle Center, the Glacier Stops Here and her galleries.
LISA'S WALK THE TALK SHOW™, LISA LC SHOW, AND BOOK DIVAS SHOW WITH LISA LC Since 2006, Lisa's Walk The Talk Show™, Lisa LC Show, and Book Divas Show with Lisa LC produce and air a one-hour podcast featuring the lives of artists, authors, photographers, illustrators, entertainers and celebrities. A partial list of guests includes: Aaron Neville, Aaron Tippin, Alex Kendrick/Fireproof,, Ann-Marita, Ansel Brown, Asleep at the Wheel, B. J. Daniels, Beverly Swerling, Billy Gilman, Bobby Bare, Brad Avery/Third Day, Bryan White, Captain and Tennille, Carnie Wilson, Charlie Daniels, Chris Gray, Chris Jones, Corb Lund, Crista Lynn, Dee Dee Phelps (Dick & Dee Dee), Dennis Morgan, Dick McVey, Dick Pralls, Dr. Toys/StevAnn Auerbach, Eddie Money, Everlife, Flashes of Hope, Hal Ketchum, Jack Witteveen, Jean Craighead George, Jenna Petersen/Jess Michaels, Jim Owen, Joanna Wayne, John Tigert, Jordie Lane, Kathy Ireland, Kelly Brock, Kim Anthony and Midnite Rodeo, Kirk W. Boland, Lee Brice, Lenny Leblanc, Mark Bego, Mickey Gilley, Miko Marks, Moot Davis, Pam Tillis, Paul McCormick, Pete Anderson (Little Dog Records), Porter Wagoner, Ray Stevens, Rhonda Towns, Richie McDonald (Lonestar), Rivers Rutherford, Rush of Fools, Rustie Blue, Sandra Catena, Shauna, Fleming/, Stan Silver, Terry Lee Bolton, The Bellamy Brothers, The Statler Brothers, Tom Wilson (creator of Ziggy), Van Preston, Way Cross.
WINTER BUGS EXHIBIT DOCUMENTARY Lisa's Winter Bugs! exhibit and book (first-edition, hard cover, sold out) opened at Lisa's Rochester, Minnesota, gallery in 2006, White Wolf Creek Gallery in Wisconsin gallery in April 2009, White Wolf Creek Gallery in Rochester 2010, then moved to the National Eagle Center as a featured exhibit, and is now showing at Silver Lake Books in Rochester, Minnesota. A new edition, "Winter Bugs Exhibit Edition" (February 2020) and includes pictures from a private collection of more than 200+ photo images of insects and spiders, both land and aquatic, documented in their native Minnesota winter habitat. All of these insects and spiders were photographed while Lisa was working on Walk the Burn Documentary in the Whitewater Management Area from the winter of 2005 to March 2006. Many of the insects and spiders she discovered on land and in the marshes were smaller than a grain of sand. She used her collection of digital cameras and microphotography recording equipment to capture moments in time with these miniscule creatures going about their daily lives. Some days were as cold as 37 degrees below zero with wind chill. It’s important to note that Lisa uprooted no homes, overturned no rocks or logs in her photographic quests, with the exception of times when she broke through the thin ice accidentally while looking for aquatic subjects. In some images, you may notice insects sitting atop grasses that were torn by coyotes that traveled her project paths in the twilight hours. Other images show the lives of insects and spiders walking across fresh deer scrapes. All life was photographed as found on the ground surface, undersides of leaves, on tree trunks and branches, walking across the snow, under the surface of thin ice, or in the openings in the ice--where other wildlife, or Lisa herself, broke through while crossing the sloughs.
BOW WOW DETECTIVES® / MEOW MEOW DETECTIVES™ Lisa's #1 International Bestselling Christian book series, Bow Wow Detectives® is a new canine mystery series with hundreds of dogs photographed for the photo trading cards and book covers. Lisa's Meow Meow Detectives (TM book series) is slated for publication in 2015, a line of Christian fiction geared for children - middle grades, featuring cat sleuths and their human companions solving mysteries.
WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS™ SLATED FOR NEW SAGA IN MINNESOTA GHOST TOWNS Lisa's #1 bestselling Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ Series is slated for a historical saga, winter of 2016. Lisa's study of the area ghost towns is the backdrop for her bestselling fiction series, all based in the SE Minnesota blufflands: Donny Destin™ in Worm Moon; Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek, a #1 international bestseller and finalist in Harlequin® Love Inspired® suspense contest, The Search for the Killer Voice, Valentine, Minnesota, and more.
NATURAL HISTORY Lisa's image collection includes more than 1,000,000 images of the life of a controlled burn marsh during seven season. Lisa's assignment was to find a new species every day from fungi, molds, mushrooms, invertebrates, fish, birds, mammals and the life of a marsh. Hundreds of shots of day-by-day progressions of trees from budding out to leaves falling, plants growing up to dying, including a paper wasp raising her entire family to death (The Paper Wasp documentary), all seasons, all weather and much more. Blue-Eyes is her blue-eyed fawn documentary, A Season with Canada Geese, Winter Bugs!, Lisa's Winter Bugs! exhibit, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™, Lions in the Blufflands, more. Check website for upcoming releases.
FOOD Lisa has a passion for shooting food, often juxtaposing elements in nature: seeds, pine cones, plants, roots, woods, branches, feathers, shells, etc., with foods and utensils. Her food photography has appeared in numerous publications, fine art prints, art cards, books, publications, and websites.
SPECIALTIES Food, wildlife, weather, agriculture, relationships, people, family, children, pets, travel, entertainers, celebrities.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Canada. United States: Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin.
RECENT COVERAGE Documentary on the lives of Minnesota cougars and cubs, black bear, sandhill cranes, rails, Blanding's turtles, bald eagles, trumpeter swans, winter insects, wildlife behavior, interactions between species.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Lisa covers the USA, but mostly Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa.
CREDITS Photos, articles and interviews appear regularly in books, magazines, websites, greeting cards, note cards, calendars, art decor, textbooks, ads and more. Magazines/Newspapers: ACHR News, Career World, Disney publications, Diversion, Esquire, Nursery Retailer, HSUS Kind News, Rochester Free Press, Rochester Visitor, Self, Times Plain Dealer, Plainview News, Post-Bulletin, Writer's Digest, more. Books: Allured Publishing, Christian Schools International, Creative Company, Function-Thru-Form, Gerten's, Grolier, Inc., Harcourt Brace, Hazmatt, Heinemann-Raintree, Holt, Marshall Cavendish, Pearson Education, Perspectives, Post-Bulletin, Prentice-Hall, Rinehart Winston, Rourke. Author/Photographer: Lisa has authored eight eagle books on the lives of the bald eagle that are based on her nationally known bald eagle documentary. Other Books: Winter Bugs, Winter Bugs Gallery Edition, Harley Hippo & the Crane Game, Spirit Trees of Whitewater, Bow Wow Detectives(TM) Series, Meow Meow Detectives (TM) series, Whitewater Falls, Minnesota series. Member: ASMP, NATJA, RWA, SCBWI. Television/Film: Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound/Bald Eagle Documentary, KAAL NEWS/ Winter Bugs Story, WEAU Eau Claire News/Stockholm, Wisconsin Gallery, HCBI Winona/Marnach House, KTTC NEWS/Black Bear Story, KTTC NEWS/Elba Flood, KTTC NEWS/Valentine's Day White Wolf Creek Story, KTTC NEWS/Bald Eagle Story, KTTC NEWS/Silver Lake Books and Winter Bugs Exhibit Corporate: IBM, Idea Initiative, HYVEE, Gerten's, Value Tec Card Solutions, Send Fudge, Kettle Fudge, hundreds of businesses online and brick and mortar stores. Exhibits: National Eagle Center -- Winter Bugs and Bald Eagle documentaries. Other: Zumbro Valley Audubon Society, Book Divas™, The Big Wild, Kirschoff/Wohlberg, Lynn Stone Images, National Eagle Center.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Lisa offers presentations on her wildlife documentaries, online interactive educational programs she's developed from her field research, film and photos; slide shows, trading cards, art cards, prints and exhibits of her work, fundraising opportunities and wildlife exhibits.
COMMENTS Lisa offers stock and assignment photography; photo-text packages; scientific, wildlife, people, book illustration; book layout, formatting, series editing, writing and illustrating numerous #1 international bestsellers, award-winning stories, and has more than 30 years experience in communications, broadcasting, restaurant development and menu design, bookstores, art galleries, and publishing.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Lisa speaks often for groups at her galleries and bookstores, corporate events, trade shows, schools. offers her wildlife art, limited-edition giclee prints, watercolors, pastels, and oil paintings she sells through her galleries. Lisa also accepts commissions for tribute, living, and memorial portraits, custom montages, limited art prints for organizations, charities, and pet and wildlife organizations. Lisa has written online photography courses, published art cards, and books.
Lisa Loucks Christenson
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A yellow Katydid on cone flowers, photo from Lisa Loucks Christenson's Walk The Burn Documentary
Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, a mother eagle sits with her eaglet in the nest.

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