KAC Productions

KAC Productions

THE FILE 100,000+ digital images from 15 photographers. Searchable database on www.kathyadamsclark.com.
OVERVIEW Clean, clear images of wildlife in appropriate habitat taken by photographers who know their subjects. Travel images from a variety of locations in North America, South America, Europe and Africa.
THE PHOTOGRAPHERS Kevin Adams, Rick & Nora Bowers, Janice & Nolan Braud, Kathy Adams Clark, Larry Ditto, Debbie Farrell, Chris Gamel, Adam Gibbs, Greg Lasley, Chris Murray, Tim Timmis, and John & Gloria Tveten. Writing by Gary Clark, author of weekly nature column for the Houston Chronicle.
NATURAL HISTORY Extensive coverage of North American birds, butterflies, moths, mammals; life stages, portraits. Reptiles. Cactus, trees, wildflowers. Landscapes from across the United States and Canada. Antarctic birds. Macro images of insects and plants. Endangered species, e.g. golden-cheeked warbler, black-capped vireo, whooping crane, Attwater's prairie chicken.
GENERAL STOCK Landscapes, birdwatchers, public gardens, garden plants, hiking.
TRAVEL U.S. and Canadian national parks and state parks. Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Antarctica, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico.
SPECIALTIES Birds, butterflies, reptiles, and small mammals of North America. Extensive coverage of U.S. butterflies, host plants and life stages. Texas wildlife, birds, scenery and landmarks. Deep coverage of North Carolina, Alaska, western Canada and Texas.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, Wyoming. Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Ireland, Africa, Antarctica, Falklands, Europe, Venezuela and Mexico.
RECENT COVERAGE Celtic stonework. European birds. Antarctica. Costa Rica. Ecuador hummingbirds.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Ecotourism locations in Central and South America.
CREDITS Magazines/Newspapers: (Includes several photo/text packages.) Audubon, Birder's World, Birding, Bird Watcher's Digest, weekly column in Houston Chronicle by Gary Clark with photos by Kathy Adams Clark, National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, Outdoor & Nature Photographer, Ranger Rick, River, Saveur, Smithsonian, Texas Highways, Texas Parks & Wildlife. Books: 70+, including Addison-Wesley, Capstone, Chanticleer, Houghton Mifflin, Macmillan, National Geographic, National Wildlife, St Remy Press, Time-Life. Author/Photographer: (Tvetens) Birds of Texas, Butterflies of Houston and Southeast Texas, Wildflowers of Houston. Advertising/Corporate: Compaq, South Texas Electric Project, The Woodlands Corp., annual reports, museum displays and trade show exhibits. Calendars: Audubon, BrownTrout, Reiman.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS KAC Productions houses the image collection of the late John Tveten who was a noted naturalist from Texas. Kevin Adams is a book author and leads photos tours. Kathy Adams Clark is a former member of NANPA's board of directors; she teaches nature photography and leads photo tours. Kathy took an Honorable Mention in Nature's Best photo contest. Larry Ditto is a wildlife biologist. Greg Lasley is an expert on dragonflies; he formerly led tours for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours. Lasley, Ditto and the Tvetens are all former winners of the Valley Land Fund Photo Contest.
COMMENTS Photo/text packages available. Files computerized; full-time office operations. Accurate species identification. Available for assignments.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Workshops, photography tours, speaking engagements.
KAC Productions
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Kathy Adams Clark

Coyote (Canis latrans) stalking sandhill cranes in New Mexico
Gray Catbird in spring

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