Russ Bishop

Russ Bishop Photography

THE FILE 40,000 35mm, select 6x9, and digital originals. Hi-res, color-managed digital files with complete IPTC caption information. 24/7 online search and e-commerce through our website.
OVERVIEW Strong compositions of the natural world from grand panoramas to intimate details, often with a human element. Natural history, travel, adventure sports and historic files cover the western United States, Hawaii and Canada.
NATURAL HISTORY Dramatic use of light and color that captures the character of the natural landscape as applied to badlands, canyons, coasts, deserts, forests, lakes, mountains, skies and waterfalls. Well-documented geographic features in national parks, historic areas and remote wilderness locations.
GENERAL STOCK Popular travel destinations, lesser known cultural and historic sites, monuments, rural landscapes. Wilderness recreation and adventure sports. Southwest Native American ruins.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
CREDITS Magazines: America West Airlines, American History, Backpacker, Bicycling, Chevy Outdoors, Daily Word, Elks, Estates West, Historic Preservation, Men's Fitness, Outdoor Retailer, Sierra, Snow Country, Sunset, Via. Books: Avalon, Black Dog & Leventhal, Countryman Press, Falcon Press, Fodors, Globe Pequot, Harcourt, Holt Rinehart, National Geographic, Pacific Press, Reader's Digest, Rio Nuevo, Sierra Press, Western National Parks Association. Advertising/Corporate: Arizona State Bar, AT&T, Belding Sports, Hughes Corp., MEM Co., Motorola, Orvis, Sony Music, Sunsweet, The Territory Ahead, Toshiba America, 20th Century Fox. Paper Products: BrownTrout, Current, Day Dream, Elliott, Golden Turtle, Healthy Planet, Impact, Landmark, Longmeadow, McCleery-Cumming, Orange Tree Productions, Planet Zoo, Portfolio Publications, Renaissance, Sierra Club, Self-Realization Fellowship, Unicorn, Wallace. Agencies: ageFotostock, Alamy, Stock Connection.
COMMENTS View the Image Catalog above for samples or visit our website for 24/7 e-commerce and comp downloads. Negotiable license fees and large printable comps for presentation available at no charge. Continually updating file with new locations and subject matter.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Limited edition and open edition fine-art prints for private and corporate collections. See our website for details and pricing.
Russ Bishop
Russ Bishop Photography
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Full moon over off shore tufa formations at Mono Lake