Maslowski Wildlife Productions
THE FILE 100,000+ 35mm film and digital.
OVERVIEW Each wild subject is photographed with an eye on its environment. The qualities of light, color and composition all direct where we focus our lenses. We use our decades of wildlife photography experience to find our subjects and then create vivid images of animals that convey their character and spirit.
NATURAL HISTORY Broad coverage of North American birds, with an abundance of backyard birds, songbirds (including neotropicals) and game birds. Calendar-quality portraits and tack-sharp behavior images for 200+ bird species. Excellent coverage of small mammals, as well as a variety of other creatures.
SPECIALTIES Closeups of birds flying, hunting, nesting, singing, more. Birds that are camouflaged, colorful, endearing, inspiring. Birds of forests, grasslands, wetlands and deserts. Birds in backyard gardens, at feeders and nest boxes. Eye-catching shots: Bears, foxes, chipmunks, coyotes, deer, mink, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS United States (except Hawaii).
RECENT COVERAGE Birds and other animals of Alaska tundra and coast, Arizona deserts, Colorado mountains and shortgrass prairie, Michigan mixed forest, Minnesota boreal forest, Ohio deciduous forest, and North Dakota wetlands. Elsewhere, additional coverage of black bears, foxes, bald eagles, northern owls, backyard birds, bass and butterflies.
CREDITS Magazines: Arkansas Wildlife, Better Homes & Gardens, Birder's World, Birds and Blooms, Bird Watcher's Digest, Country Journal, Ducks Unlimited, Environment, Field & Stream, Izaak Walton League, National Geographic, National Wild Turkey Federation, National Wildlife, Nature's Best, Ranger Rick, Sports Afield, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, U.S. News & World Report, Wild Animal Baby, Wildfowl Carving, Wildlife in North Carolina. Books: Adventure Publications, Britannica, Child's World, Lerner Publications, Little Brown, Lynx Edicions, McGraw-Hill, Meredith/Ortho, Time-Life, Voyageur, Willow Creek. Calendars: Birds & Blooms, Barton Cotton, National Wildlife, Norwood Publishing, Virginia Wildlife, Willow Creek, Zebra Publications. Assignments: National Geographic ("Valley of 10,000 Smokes"), National Park Service (bear safety), Natural Resources Conservation Service (backyard conservation video and brochure), PBS-TV series and specials ("Birds of the Backyard," "Bushytails," "Timberdoodles of Moosehorn," more), U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ("For the Birds"). Advertising/Corporate: Budweiser, Chrysler, Home Depot, Sears, Wild Birds Unlimited, more. Other: Billboards, brochures, catalogs, CDs, dinnerware, greeting cards, postcards, product packaging; extensive photography of outdoor-related products such as birdfeeders. Agents: Photo Researchers (NY), Frank Lane Picture Agency (UK). Member: Outdoor Writers of America, Outdoor Writers of Ohio.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Filmmaker/producer specializing in natural history documentaries.
COMMENTS Many decades of wildlife filming and technical expertise are focused on each subject. Light, composition and color are fundamental considerations when making each picture.
Maslowski Wildlife Productions
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513 231-7301



Steve Maslowski, Dave Maslowski