Dan Suzio
THE FILE 20,000 35mm and digital.
OVERVIEW Wildlife and natural sciences, including biology, botany, ecology, geology and hydrology of the western United States. Full captions, including behaviors, Latin names, locations.
AMPHIBIANS Frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders in all stages, including complete lifecycles of bullfrog, red-legged frog, Western toad, California newt, and other species. Declining amphibian populations in the Sierra Nevada and other locations. Deformed amphibians. Threatened and endangered species.
REPTILES Snakes, lizards and turtles/tortoises of the western U.S. Venomous snakes. Sidewinder locomotion. Snakes swimming, eating, basking. Lizards buried in sand.
OTHER WILDLIFE Birds, mammals and insects in their natural habitats.
PLANT LIFE Hundreds of species of native plants, fully identified with Latin names and locations.
GENERAL NATURE Dramatic scenics of western wilderness areas. Deserts, sand dunes, redwood forests, chaparral, coastline.
SPECIALTIES Textbook subjects in biology and botany. Lifecycles of amphibians and insects. California native plants, including rare and endangered species.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Death Valley and the Mojave Desert; California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and other western states.
RECENT COVERAGE Amphibian and insect metamorphosis; reptile and amphibian eggs; declining amphibian populations in the Sierra Nevada.
CREDITS Magazines: Animals, Backpacker, Defenders, Fins & Feathers, Harrowsmith, Instructor, Kids Discover, National Parks, National Wildlife, Natural History, Nature Conservancy, Pacific Discovery, Sierra, Sports Afield, World, ZooGoer. Books: All major U.S. textbook publishers; trade books - BioSystems, Cachuma, California Native Plant Society, Chanticleer, National Geographic, North Point, Readers Digest, Sierra Club, Sunset, Time-Life, Western National Parks Assn. Paper Products: Animals, Beautyway, Bo-Tree, Brown Trout, Golden Turtle, Sierra Club. Exhibits: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, California Academy of Sciences, Field Museum (Chicago), High Desert Museum (OR), Las Vegas Springs Preserve, Midland Center for the Arts (MI), National Park Service, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Shedd Aquarium (Chicago), West Office Exhibition Design. Member: ASPP, EP, NANPA.
COMMENTS Familiarity with the West's botany, ecology and geology and a background in graphic arts and printing ensure an edit the client can use. Stock subject list (including federal/ state endangered status, Latin names), samples, tearsheets available.
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Mojave desert sidewinder (horned rattlesnake), Crotalus cerastes cerastes.
Pacific treefrog (Pacific chorus frog), Hyla regilla