THE FILE 300,000 35mm transparencies.
OVERVIEW Natural history, history, scenic, travel destinations, "behind the scenes" zoo coverage (including keepers and veterinarians). Subjects include flora and fauna of prairies, deserts, forests and wetlands; wildlife portraits from elephants to insects (1,500+ species). Natural areas management. Extensive file of historic sites and structures, including battlefields, castles, forts, lighthouses, mills, ships and villages, many with "living history" interpretation. Historic reenactments (including the Civil, French & Indian and Revolutionary wars, fur trade and medieval life).
NATURAL HISTORY Wildlife from A to Z, including dinosaurs. Plant and wildflower closeups. All biomes, with in-depth coverage of eastern deciduous forests, midwestern tallgrass prairies, tropical rainforests and Great Lakes natural history.
GENERAL STOCK More than 200 national parks and monuments in U.S. and worldwide. Numerous state and provincial parks. Extensive coverage of historic sites, structures and reenactments, especially American Civil War and colonial eras.
SPECIALTIES Extensive file of invertebrates (especially arachnids, crustaceans and insects), amphibians and reptiles. Includes camouflage, mimicry, portraits and behavior. Extensive coverage of the Midwest, especially the states and provinces of the Great Lakes, Great Plains and Mississippi River regions of North America. Other areas of special coverage include the world's rainforests and their inhabitants, especially invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS North America: U.S. and Canada from coast to coast. Puerto Rico. Europe: Belgium, England, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scotland, Wales. Latin America: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador (including Galápagos Island), Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, Peru. Pacific: Australia, Borneo, New Zealand. Africa: Kenya, Tanzania.
RECENT COVERAGE Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, Liechtenstein.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Continually adding new material from western, eastern and midwestern U.S.
CREDITS More than 1,000 photo credits to date. Magazines/Newspapers: Adventure Road, Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Cobblestone, Historic Traveler, Home & Away, Natural History, Ranger Rick, Sierra, Smithsonian, World & I. Books: Barnes & Noble, Britannica, Capstone, Carolrhoda, Chanticleer, Childrens Press, Child's World, Crabtree, Fielding, Grolier, Insight Guides, Lerner, Lonely Planet, John Muir, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Scott Foresman, Whitecap, World Book, Zoobooks. Calendars: Abbeville, BrownTrout, Landmark, Pet Prints, Sierra, Teneues. Exhibits: Smithsonian Institution. Other: Audubon Institute, Bronx Zoo, Chicago Academy of Sciences, Field Museum of Natural History, Kenosha Public Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo, National Park Service, Nature of Illinois Foundation, Shedd Aquarium.
COMMENTS Full-time photographer-naturalist. Background in history and zoology is reflected in accurate identification and captioning of images. Prompt reply to requests. Will negotiate. Call or fax for stocklist and promotional flyer.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Slide lectures, audiovisual presentations, natural history workshops, print sales. Photo exhibit, "Planet of the Arthropods," available for rental to museums and nature centers (call, write or fax for flyer or information packet).
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