Susan M. Glascock
THE FILE 11,000 35mm.
NATURAL HISTORY Broad range of nature subjects. Native plants, including aquatic vegetation, ferns, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. Closeups of insects, other invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. Small estuarine fish. Some birds and mammals. Large- and small-scale habitats and landscapes, including wetlands, eastern deciduous and coniferous forests, deserts. Common introduced weed species.
SPECIALTIES Chesapeake Bay: Salt marshes, tidal creeks, beaches and shorelines (scenics as well as studies of particular plant and animal species). Wetlands: Plants of brackish and freshwater tidal wetlands and salt marshes, including submerged aquatic vegetation; associated animals, including herons, clapper rails, fiddler crabs, blue crabs, killifish, mosquitofish, pipefish, ribbed mussels; swamps, ponds and bogs and their plantlife, including carnivorous plants. Other: Frogs, snakes and lizards in their natural habitat.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Mid-Atlantic states, especially Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. Some Oregon and desert Southwest coverage.
CREDITS Magazines: Audubon, Backpacker, Ducks Unlimited, Field & Stream, Florida Wildlife, Gardening How-To, Natural History, Outdoor America, Outdoor Traveler (Mid-Atlantic), Parks, Virginia Wildlife, Wild Outdoor World, Your Big Back Yard, Zoo View, Zoogoer. Books: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Falcon, W. H. Freeman, Harcourt Education, Holt McDougal, Houghton Mifflin, Key Porter, Knoft/Chanticleer, Macmillan, Marshall Cavendish, Meredith, Mosby-Year Book, National Home Gardening Club, Newbridge Educational, Riverbend, Rodale Press, Smithsonian, Sunset, Whitecap Books. Calendars/Cards: Falcon, Red Oak Publishers, Sierra Club, Teldon, Virginia Wildlife. Corporate: Southern Environmental Law Center, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Other: Multimedia presentations (Southern Environmental Law Center), CD-ROM (National Wild Turkey Federation), brochures, flashcards.
Susan M. Glascock
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Juvenile blue crab (captive)
Pink lady's slipper