Bob Young
THE FILE 20,000 35mm, 6x4½, 4x5, digital.
OVERVIEW Scenic, travel and documentary images with emphasis on culture, history, prehistory, dramatic landscapes, special and sacred places, intimate details and subjects off the beaten path.
GENERAL STOCK National parks and monuments of the West, lighthouses,slot canyons, state parks, wildflowers, rock art, Indian powwows and sacred places, historic sites, national forests, scenic landscapes, churches of northern New Mexico, Spanish missions (Texas, New Mexico, California), ghost towns, scenic byways, sunsets, rural scenes, seascapes, marine life, ruins, Route 66 sites, wildlife, archaeological sites, wetlands.
NATURAL HISTORY Flora and fauna of South Florida, Rocky Mountains and Southwest (landscapes, shores, rivers, mangroves, cypress and pine forests), Colorado Plateau (including slot canyons, mesas, arches, rivers, slickrock and geologic formations), underwater images from around the world (inluding thermals, corals, vertebrates and invertebrates.
UNDERWATER Seascapes, coral reefs, vertebrates, invertebrates (wide angles to macro), wrecks, night photography. Papua New Guinea, Red Sea, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Bonaire, Florida Keys, Bay Islands of Honduras, Galápagos Islands, Sea of Cortés.
NAVAJO ROCK ART Images from the San Juan Basin of Northwestern New Mexico, Canyon de Chelly, and Chaco Canyon.
SPECIALTIES Colorado Plateau landscapes, rock art, historic and prehistoric ruins. The Dinetah (Navajo Homeland) in northwestern New Mexico, including pueblitos, petroglyphs and pictographs. Chaco Canyon and Chaco Outliers. Spanish Missions in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS United States: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming. Other: Bahamas, Bonaire, Ecuador, Egypt, Galápagos Islands, Bay Islands of Honduras (Cochinos Grande), Israel.
RECENT COVERAGE Fremont rock art, Navajo rock art, Barrier Canyon-style rock art, Florida.
CREDITS Magazines: Americas, Cortlandt Forum, New Mexico, Nature Conservancy, Sunset, Wyoming Wildlife. Author/Photographer: New Mexico magazine. Books: American Geographic, Chanticleer, Little Brown, National Geographic, Rio Nuevo, Sierra Press, Southwest Parks & Monuments Assn., UNM Press, The Countryman Press. Advertising/Corporate: The Territory Ahead. Paper Products: At-A-Glance, Audubon, Avalanche, Teldon, BrownTrout, New Mexico Office of Cultural Affairs, Smith-Southwestern. Exhibits: Salmon Ruins Museum (1999-2001), Friends of Archaeology Touring Exhibit (New Mexico, 2002-2003), Naples Art Association "Roots" Members Exhibition (2014).
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Contributor to New Mexico magazine with photo/text packages.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Fine-art and decor prints available.
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