Biological Photo Service / Terraphotographics

Biological Photo Service / Terraphotographics

THE FILE 65,000 35mm to 4x5 or equivalent digital files; 6,000 b/w.
OVERVIEW Stock photographs by scientists with backgrounds in the life, earth and environmental sciences.
THE PHOTOGRAPHERS Dozens of photographers with scientific backgrounds who work for universities and colleges, research institutes, private corporations, museums, parks and medical schools. Researchers and teachers in botany, natural history, microbiology, zoology, ecology, conservation, geology, medicine, geography.
NATURAL HISTORY Nature and human interactions with the environment from all continents. Coasts, oceans, deserts, forests, mountains, prairies, wetlands. Biodiversity: All major plant and animal groups, fungi, algae, protozoa, bacteria. Habitats and biomes, landforms, fresh and salt water, geological processes.
GENERAL STOCK Features of parks and wilderness, natural landmarks, scenics with ecological content, agriculture and daily life in less developed countries. Ancient ruins and historic buildings of Western Europe and Latin America. Ecotourism locations.
ENVIRONMENTAL Deforestation, erosion, endangered species, alien species, industrial agriculture, traditional and alternative energy sources, urban development, mining, climate change.
SPECIALTIES Natural science textbook subjects. Light and electron micrographs. Deserts of North America (Jon Stewart); Alaskan geology (Bruce Molnia); central California (Ed Ely); mid-Atlantic states (Barbara Miller); rural Africa, Latin America, western Europe and Utah (Robert Ford); U.S. national parks (Robert Stottlemyer); worldwide outdoor travel (Gary James); botanical micrographs (Phil Gates, John Lott, Eldon Newcomb, Bob Waaland); zoological micrographs (Rob Brons, Alfred Owczarzak, Conly Rieder); geology of the western U.S. (Wallace Kleck, John Nakata); insects (Peter Bryant); marine birds (Jan Hodder & Michael Graybill); tropical forests, plants and animals (Jonathan Moran).
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Africa, Antarctica, western Europe, southern Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, oceanic islands, United States (including Alaska & Hawaii).
CREDITS Thousands of uses in college, high school and elementary textbooks; encyclopedias; educational CD-ROMs and DVDs; trade and consumer magazines; trade and reference books; password-protected websites. Advertising brochures, catalogs, displays. Museum and visitor center displays.
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS The scientific expertise and educational experience of the photographers contributes to the relevance, credibility and accuracy of their editorial images and captions.
Biological Photo Service / Terraphotographics
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Carl May Photo Agent

Transverse section of a Haversian system in human compact bone, showing osteocytes with extensions. Light micrograph, Schmorl's stain.
Adult wolf spider

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