Breck P. Kent
THE FILE 150,000 35mm and digital.
NATURAL HISTORY Invertebrates: Marine, freshwater, terrestrial, including sponges, worms, crayfish, lobsters, insects, spiders. Vertebrates: Tunicates, fish (both freshwater and saltwater), amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds. Plants: Fungi, flowers, insect-eating, trees, forests. Geology: Rocks, minerals, fossils, mining, erosion, caves, landforms. Scenics: Seasonal changes, habitats, mountains, plains, aerials. Meteorology.
GENERAL STOCK Activities of children and students. Agriculture. Travel. Landscapes, historic locations.
SPECIALTIES Behavior, predation, closeups, migration, mimicry, protective coloration, lifecycles. Physical geology. Glaciers. Many rock, mineral, fossil specimens on hand for requested shots.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Most of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Canada, especially national parks. Antarctica, Arctic Ocean, Argentina, Australia, Belize, Bora Bora, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Egypt, Galápagos Islands, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Svalbard, Tanzania, Tibet, Tahiti, Tuamotu Islands.
RECENT COVERAGE Oil spill in Louisiana, India, Nepal. Yellowstone/Tetons in Winter. Aquatic birds in Florida. Autumn in West Virginia.
PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS 2016: March-April, Gulf coast wildlife, Smoky Mountains; September-November, Rocky Mountain national and state parks.
CREDITS Magazines: Audubon, Discover, Exxon, Forbes, Geo, Grit, Lapidary Journal, Mineralogical Record, National Wildlife, National Geographic, Natural History, New Jersey Outdoors, Newsweek, Omni, Orion, Owl, Penthouse, Ranger Rick, Reader's Digest, Science, Science Digest, Smokies Life, Via, World. Author/Photographer: Mineralogical Record, Outdoor & Nature Photography, Pentax Life (articles on photo technique). Books: Addison-Wesley, Allyn & Bacon, Beka, Chanticleer, Harcourt, Heath, Holt, Houghton Mifflin, Kidsbooks, Knopf, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, National Geographic, Norton, Pearson, Prentice-Hall, Scott Foresman, Silver Burdett, Steck-Vaughn, Terrell, Time-Life, Franklin Watts, Wiley, Zoobooks. Calendars: Day Dream, Golden Turtle, Healthy Planet, Hoyle, Impact, Landmark, Sierra Club, Walden, World Wildlife. Other: Optical Data Corp., Planet Zoo, VideoDiscovery, filmstrips, video discs, greeting cards, posters, advertisements, museum displays, artists' renditions, National Park Service, "Jeopardy" TV show. Member: Nikon Professional Services, NANPA. Agent: Animals Animals/Earth Scenes (Chatham, NY).
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS 1976, P.S.A. ranked in Top 10 Nature Photographers Worldwide. 1988, Educational Press Association Distinguished Achievement Award. Breck is one of very few full-time stock photographers who specializes in geology-related subjects; 33 years teaching biology and geology; 30 years selling stock.
COMMENTS Breck Kent climbs, dives, does aerial photography and studio work. No research fees. Assignments. Volume deals negotiated. High quality. Complete captions. Low- or high-resolution electronic delivery of images.
NONEDITORIAL SERVICES Owner and CEO: Natural History Photography.
Breck P. Kent
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