Allen Blake Sheldon
THE FILE 50,000 digital and 35mm.
OVERVIEW Wildlife and scenics from the Upper Mississippi River area. Heavy emphasis on amphibian and reptile species and subspecies from all over the world.
NATURAL HISTORY Deep files of reptiles and amphibians. Insects, spiders, birds, mammals, plants. Behavior, predator-prey relationships, protective coloration, structural adaptations. Natural habitats.
GENERAL STOCK Scenics, recreation and commerce on and along the upper Mississippi River. Rural Midwest: Backroads, rivers, parks, bike trails, farms. Bird banding. Wildlife research.
SPECIALTIES More than 350 species of reptiles and amphibians. Natural habitats, closeups, hatching, juveniles, feeding. Male frogs and toads calling. Venomous snakes. The Upper Mississippi River.
GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Wisconsin and Minnesota, with extensive coverage of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge and Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge. Bluffs and coulees of the Driftless Area of southwest Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota. Reptiles and amphibians photographed on location in many regions, especially Florida, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Utah.
RECENT COVERAGE Deformed amphibians. Reptiles and amphibians of Shawnee National Forest and Florida. Timber rattlesnakes at den. Birds of the Upper Mississippi River. Tadpoles and salamander larvae.
CREDITS Magazines: Audubon, Backpacker, Birds & Blooms, Defenders, Field & Stream, Life, National Geographic, National Geographic World, National Wildlife, Natural History, Ranger Rick, Reptiles, Sierra, Wildlife Conservation. Author/Photographer: Reptile & Amphibian, Sports Afield. Books: American Geographic, Chanticleer, Crabtree, Falcon, Michael Friedman, Grolier, Houghton Mifflin, Key Porter, Kidsbooks, Lerner, McGraw-Hill, Newbridge, Publications International, Reader's Digest, St Remy Press, Sierra Club, Smithsonian. Advertising/Corporate: Microsoft, National Park Service, Shedd Aquarium, U.S. Forest Service. Calendars: Falcon, Freshwater Foundation, National Wildlife, NorthWord. Agents: Animals Animals/Earth Scenes (Chatham NY).
RELATED CREDENTIALS/SKILLS Former biology teacher with a long interest in herpetology and knowledge of behavior and ecological roles of amphibians and reptiles.
COMMENTS Sharp digital photos with accurate identification, scientific names and locations.
Allen Blake Sheldon
11925 South St., Apt. 2
Trempealeau WI 54661

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Paper Birch and Mississippi River
Spring Peeper calling