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October 1 2020

Cruising the World - From Gondolas to Megaships

Award-winning travel photographer Dennis Cox has released his 14th published book, 'Cruising the World - From Gondolas to Megaships'.

Featuring 37 different kinds of vessels -- from ancient dhows, junks, and rice boats to cutting-edge high-tech megaships -- this large format, 208-page hardcover volume spotlights 535 colorful photos from 77 countries and seven continents.

Dan Schlossberg of Travel Itch Radio wrote: “Cruising the World is the 14th book by this former SATW Photographer of the Year, and one of the most lavishly illustrated... YOUR BOOK IS FABULOUS!!”

Midwest Book Review called the book “Entertaining and educational... Very highly recommended...”

Richard Frisbie on commented that "It’s a book that cruise lovers will cherish, and which any traveler will find inspirational."

The book can be ordered at